Ahou Pirates
Japanese Name: アホ海賊
Romanized Name: Aho no Kaizokuban
English Name: Ahou Pirates
Main Ship: Bakaravel
First Appearance: ...
Captain:: "Aho" Marcus
Total Bounty: unknown


A yonko crew sailing in the new world, under their name they got almost no island and they seem to be a rather nice pirate crew.

Jolly Roger

Their jolly roger unlike most who have a white bg their's have a white bg with a skull in the midlle of yellow fire in it.

The skull represents the fact they are pirates and the yellow fire is in honor of aho haki!

Crew Members:

Crew strenght

Being a yonko crew each one of the small group of people is atleast lower sichibukai level!

Relationships along the crew

Everyone in the crew is friend it everyone, aside from some rivaling with some members, they all get along.

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