Espada pirates

The Espada Pirates as they are now. Magnus in center, Muramasa on bottom left top, Marimo in left. Sher in top right, Serena in bottom right, Lixis on top left next to Muramasa, Milky and Anarky between Muramasa and Marimo, NWW below to Magnus, Ray between Serena and NWW, and Souji between Sher and Magnus.

Espada Jolly Roger

Espada Pirate's Jolly Roger


The Espada Pirates. A pirate group born when their captain Swimswimfruit finaly reminded the War organizer Ricizubi to re start the war. As the war finally opened, Swim began to recruit members. While in chat, Swim proposed Zoro-san (aka Marimo) to join him. So the two of them Started the crew.

After that, another chat member The Humaniod Typhoon (aka THT) was invited. So the three of them formed the first 3 members of the Espada pirates. After some thinking, they also found the name"Espada pirates", which means Sword Pirates, in homage to the First 3 Crewmates, who are all swordsmen. After some time (about an hour) New World Warrior (NWW) and Black Leg Sanji (BLS) also joined, in the midst of battle a new member joined, X-RAPTOR.

Now, The Espada pirates are ready for the war to begin. Of course they can always have more crew members, so new members are always welcome.

The ones that joined after the first war are: Fantastic Detective, Twistt and Anarky.

As we continued to recruit Lixis, Shape and Sergant Alpha joined.

Ship: Terminus Est

Current Members: