Natsu Anime S2

Farely Yuera is an assasin who works with for the World Government


He has red hair and brown eyes. He also wears white pants and a white scarf.


He is very calm and never seems to be angry or triggered.

Powers and Abilities

He uses a style known as Air-Arching. This includes that he's able to grab air and use it as an arrow.He also has a great agility as he needs it.


Yuera was born on the island Fallarom. His father was a bomb maker working for pirates. When the pirates found out he made a fake bomb,they decided to invade the island. Yuera was only 7 years old and everyone except him were killed. When Yuera came out the forest where he was hiding he found out that all the pirates were around a fire. He rushed home to find a bomb. His father said it was the strongest one he ever made. Yuera threw the bomb into the crowd around the fire which killed them all. Yuera was later found by Marines and trained in private by the Government's strongest fighters.