Profile :

Name : Heart Web

Heart Web

Nickname : Heart

Age : 22

Species : Human - Curses

Occupation : Exorcist, Vice Captain, Cook

Pirate : Exorcist Pirates as Vice Captain and Cook

Pirate Ship : Saint Exorcist

Gender : Male

Birthplace : -none-

Birthdate : 7 / 7

Height : 6 ' 80

Weight : 50

Dream : find the Black Exorcist Base

Bounty : 125.000.000

Weapon : Boxing gloves, Anti-Akuma Weapon
Heart's Weapon

Heart's Boxing Gloves (one of them)


He's a guy that be a Vice Captain in Exorcist Pirates. He raised together with Lavi, Ryoko, and Shinobu in orphanage at somewhere in South Blue. Even he look ignored Lavi as his captain, he respect and trust her from bottom of his heart.


He's cool, cool-headed guy, and a little late to recognize something. Don't smile too much, but if see something funny, he'll laugh like a kid.


" Hand of Fate "

Heart hit the earth and make every opponent fall into earth.

" 100.000 Hamburger Punch "

Heart eat a hamburger and then punch single opponent 100.000 times until dead.

" Exorcist Power "

Heart out his Exorcist power but still have a mind. He slay an akuma.

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