Jin Nura


Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Height: 6 foot 1"

Epithet: Demon

Hometown: Somewhere in East Blue


Skills: Haki, Rokushiki, Martial Arts

Weapons: Demonic Chains, Hell's Blade

Bounty: 49,000,000 Beli


Jin Nura is a lone pirate who has recently become infamous. He gained a bounty of 49,000,000 Beli after he defeated a famous pirate.



Usually a quiet person, but sometimes likes to fool around. No one knows what is thinking at any time. He also likes to look cool but his eating habits say otherwise.

As for combat, he is usually calm and collected, but still loves to fight a lot.


Combat Expert

Jin is a very skilled fighter who was once known as Demon by the villagers at his hometown for his attitude to defeat all his opponents by giving them high number of injuries, which left them incapable of further fight.


Jin has showed a high level mastery of 2 Rokushiki techniques - Soru and Rankyaku. He was supposed to learn all six techniques in the training at his master's Dojo but he refused to learn them, because he considered them lame.


He has a high level mastery of Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki.


Demonic Chains

This is a specialised weapon which was made by Jin's old friend. The weapon has 5 chains, each specialising in 1 element.

  • Flame Cross
  • Thunder Arrow
  • Earth Ball
  • Water Cross
  • Wind Sickle

Hell's Blade

Not much is known about this weapon.