Mugen Pirates
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Main Ship:
Captain: Mugen
Total Bounty: [1]


Mugen Pirates are a pirat crew founded by Mugen,a pirate taht has been rising to power for some time.They are friendly,and they will always fight whenever they can.

Jolly RogerEdit

It is a Skull with the infinite symbol behind it


Mugen-Captain (based in apearence as Jack Atlas from Yugioh 5ds)

Crow-Vice Captain-navigator ( based in apearence as Crow Hogan from Yugioh 5ds)

Yusei- 2rd seat-Shipwright (based in apearence as Yusei Fudo from Yugioh 5ds)

Stohos-Sniper (based in apearence as Kaze from Final Fantasy :Unlimited)

Stilo-Cook-Doctor (based in apearence as Adult Lyserg from Shaman King)

Ihos-Musician (based in apearence as A more msucular Brook (alive) )


Mugen has a bounty of 150 beli,while stilo the bounty of 149 beli

Relationships amongst the crew

The Mugen pirates love their crew,and would proudly defend it.They like being together,but sometimes they rival eachother

Crew StrengthEdit

Their crew is unkown,because the memories of all their victims suddenly vanishes,and they only remeber that they lost to them.


The crew shares a common dream: to find the ????,a machine said to give it's owner unbelieavable power and inteligence

Allies and Traveling CompanionsEdit


Locations VisitedEdit



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