Oprheas is a marine vice admiral,and a person that trained Magnus in the espada timeskip.


Garp 20 years ago

Age: 60 (Pre-Time skip)

62 (Post-Time skip)

Species: Human
Blood type: ??
Birthdate: 20/9
Height: 2,10 m
Weight: ??
Island of Origin: an island in East blue
Occupation: Marine Vice Admiral

Epithet: Great Hunter( for having hunted down more than a 1000 pirates

Family: ??


Big sword by Xenosteel

Orpheas Sword

The weapon in the photo is a great sword.It does not belong to a particular class of Swords,but is amongst one of the best.Orpheas is a very skilled user of that sword.

Devil FruitEdit

Dream Dream fruit

Ume Ume no Mi


A DF that can make anyone see Dreams,even when they are awake(so they become like illusions).It's other mainpower is that The user can invade the person who is dreaming in theri sleep,and find out about them,or even influence them.




Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation

Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments

Haōshoku Haki: Color of the Conquering King


He,being a vary friendly Person,has many allies


It is unkonw if he has a family at all

Allies/ FriendsEdit

All marines highly respect him.The espada pirates also are friends to him,due to his close realtiopnship with Magnus

Magnus: a very close friend of his.he trained him for two years.He also knew Magnus(the original),and that means alot to Magnus

Magnus(orginal):He had a Roger-garp realtioship with Magnus.Inthe end,Magnus dissapeared mystiriously.


Most pirates,and some specific persons.The original Magnus can also be regarded as enemy,


Tell us what happen to your character?

Character DesignEdit

He is a person like Garp.Folish,yet storng.A real aho if you like.

Major BattlesEdit

Oprheas VS Magnus (original) (many times) (Both have won many times)

Orpheas VS Magnus (swim) (Magnus won)

Orpheas,Ray VS Espada pirates (minus ray,marimo,lixis,magnus and souji)


  • So do you think that you’ll be able to get to the level he was?hahahahaha!you’re a funny one indeed!I will keep an eye for you!But,I do think that you should get yourself some alies exept for the straw hats…go gather up a crew!Not necerilly a pirate crew,but it’s ok too!!hahahahahahaha!That was his one mistake!Now go!Fullifill your promise to Me,and find your past!Magnus!!!”.