Rikura "Clones" Zeo

(Real name: Rikura)


Age: 15


Species: Human

Blood type: AB

Birthdate: 13/9

Height: 5' 6

Weight: 98 lbs

Birthplace: Karma Island, North Blue

Occupation: Comedian of the Kira pirates


Nakimi Zeo (deceased)

Ranto Zeo (deceased)

'Current Bounty: '81,000,000

Bounty History

1st bounty: '''Beli 80,000,000

Reason: Was accused for murdering a whole village and defying the Navy.

2nd bounty: Beli 81,000,000

'Reason:' Killed 2 innocent citizens

Dream: To be the best Comedian in the world

Devil Fruit

Japanese name: Bushin Bushin no mi

English name: Clone Clone Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Rikura is a slender, medium-sized teenager with short black hair with a loose bang covered the middle of her face.


Rikura is the comedian of the Kira Pirates. She is the second girl of the crew. She has a bounty of 81,000,000.


Ever since then Rikura tried to make friends with others and make jokes to get their attention, she became ignorant thinking she has the best jokes in the world.


At the age of 8, she used to be called the demon child for her strange powers in her home town in the grand line for her strange cloning abilities. She almost died from getting beaten by the town's kids, but a strange boy jumped into the fight and broke the other kids' arms and warned them not to joke about demons.