In an ordinary afternoon, the ship of Rear Admiral Narumi arrived in the port of a big island in the Grand Line. The reason for this stop was to supply the ship, but the situation is soon to be changed.

Narumi was sitting in his room with a bounty poster in his hands. The criminal in the poster is no other than the one known as the "Man Eater", Takeo Hiroki.

Suddenly, someone knocks at the door, and two soldiers come in.

Soldier 1: We are sorry to interrupt you, sir, but we've received word that the "Man Eater" Takeo Hiroki is on this island.

Narumi *shocked*: What did you say? Give me more details!

Soldier 2: It seems that he has been staying in an abandoned house in the nearby forest. His motives are currently unknown.

Narumi: I see. Inform everyone to prepare for battle! we are going to attack and capture Takeo Hiroki!

Both soldiers: Yes sir!

Narumi: [So, we meet again Hiroki. Never thought I will meet you here...But I have a mission to make justice triumph]

The Rear Admiral along with his subordinates started walking towards the place where their target could be fond. They have planned everything out and are fully prepared to face Hiroki. After a while, they finally arrive at the abandoned house. Each soldier finds a place to hide and quietly wait for Hiroki's arrival.

After some time, footsteps could be heard. Hiroki was slowly approaching his temporary hideout. He suddenly stops.

Hiroki: Hey, you all hiding around! Come out and face me!

The soldiers come out, surround Hiroki and point their guns towards him. Narumi comes out as well and approaches the circle his subordinates made.

Narumi: It's been a while...You haven't changed at all, Hiroki, or should I say "Man Eater".

Hiroki *shocked*: So it really was you...I couldn't believe when I sensed you smell on this island. What's the meaning of all this?

Narumi: Isn't it obvious? I, Rear Admiral Narumi, will capture you!

Hiroki: What?

Narumi: Exactly what I said. You are a wanted criminal now and my mission is to capture those like you, so justice will triumph.

Hiroki *angry*: Again with your stupid talk about justice! Fine, do what you want, but you have to defeat me first!

Hiroki uses his super-human speed to approach the soldiers one by one and send powerful punches, leaving them lying unconscious on the ground.

Narumi: I see. In the end you're just an animal.

Narumi draws his sword dashes towards Hiroki.

  • Hiroki fastly avoids getting cut and attempts to punch his opponent.
  • Narumi catches his wrist and sends him flying in the nearest tree.
  • Before hitting hit, Hiroki touches the ground with his hand and regains his grip.
  • Narumi tries to slash him, but Hiroki blocks it with his hands.
  • They both jump back and wait for a chance to attack again.

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