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  • AuroraOfDeath
    • Yuera walks in the forest.

    Yuera: So the only thing l have to do is destroy the papers that those pirates stole,huh? Okay,this is going to be easy,l guess.

    • flasback. Yuera talking to a Den Den Mushi.

    Yuera: Don't worry Fleet-Admiral Sakazuki. *sounds taunting* lf the papers are so important to you then l'll get them back for you so don't cry.

    Sakazuki: Ugh little brat. But do it quick. Nobody may ever know what's inside.

    Yuera: Yeah,Yeah,Whatever.

    • today

    Rana: Oi Oi Oi. And where are you going?

    • Yuera sees a man sitting on a tree. He looks serious and has two revolvers.

    Yuera: l'm going to the town.

    Rana: Then you are going wrong.

    Yuera: l can decide how l go.

    Rana: Or are you going to that Pirate Ship?

    Yuera: Maybe.

    Rana: l'm one of the crew you know?


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