• Fantasy Detective
    • Time passed and the crew now made it to the hot spring. The guys were in their part of the hot spring now.

    Akki: *towel around his waist* Ahhh... Did they have to split the spring in two?!

    • The hot spring was divided into two parts, one for the guys and the other for the girls. The two parts were separated by a wall.

    Akki: Gah, how lame.

    Hoshi: *towel around his waist* Do you have to make rude comments about everything? -.-


    Taii: *butt naked* ... Relaxing.

    Jetchi: *looks at Taii and raises fists up* MANLY!!

    --On The Girls Half--

    Mi: *wearing a towel around her body and looking up the wall* I think its possible to climb this up with my powers.

    Suri: *in the hot water* STOP THINKING PE…

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  • Fantasy Detective

    Town's Mayor: *kneels on the ground* Please.... Stop...

    • Everybody fell silent... Except for Akki who murmured something that sounded like "pathetic".

    Town's mayor: *teary eyes* Please... I am begging you... DON'T DESTROY THIS TOWN!! I can pay you whatever you want... But please... Don't... As this town's mayor *sob* I cant stand seeing it.. *sob* get turned to ashes like this.... SO I BEG OF YOU I....

    • A loud clanking noise was heard.
    • Something seems to have been impaled on the top of the fountain.

    Town's Mayor: *looks up* Wha... *eyes widen* What the....

    Taii: *calm yet clear voice* I hereby declare this island... As the Dangerous Life Pirates territory.


    • Everybody fell silent from shock... The Dangerous Life pirates flag started flutterin…
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  • Fantasy Detective

    Narrator: And so the Dangerous Life Pirates went on on their journey in the New World. The crew was having a normal day aboard their ship.

    • Chiyu was reading a book on the deck.
    • Mi was smoking cigarettes on her favorite chair next to the ship's fishing spot.
    • Suri was sitting on a chair next to Mi, drinking beer.
    • Jetchi was fixing the ship's floor that Akki ruined earlier.
    • Hoshi was training nearby the others on the deck.
    • Akki was still asleep.
    • Taii was atop the ship's mast, on the lookout for new islands.

    Mi: *smokes* The weather is rather nice today.

    Suri: *looks at her Log Pose* Yea, maybe we are closing in on an island which is why the weather is stabilizing.

    • Jetchi seemed to have finished the repairs.

    Jetchi: Oi, Suri! Toss me the beer please!


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  • Fantasy Detective

    Narrator: A small pirate ship was patrolling the waters of the most dangerous sea on the planet, New World! Aboard this ship lives the Dangerous Life pirate crew... A crew of some fairly new, yet powerful, pirates. On the ship's dock sat some members of the Dangerous Life pirates.

    Girl In Revealing Outfit: *swoons* Mhmmmm! This ice cream tastes great! :3

    Guy In Glasses: O-oi, Please don't forget to check on the Log Pose as you always do... *fixes glasses on his nose* We wouldn't wanna end up getting lost in New World... AGAIN!

    Girl In Revealing Outfit: Tch! Shut up! I know what I am doing, geek!

    Guy In Glasses: *tightened eyebrows* We just barely survived the last storm... Please watch out for the constantly changing weathers of these seas...


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  • Fantasy Detective
    • Hermes was floating on his back on top of a huge lake of lava.

    Dammit! Why did Masao has to die?! WHY??!!!

    • He yelled at the endless black sky that was facing him.

    Shit... The whole reason why I even started this journey was to get my revenge and kill "him", but after all that time.... and after all the stuff I've been through... I fail?! I lose that easily?!

    • Suddenly, Apollo's face appeared in the sky.

    Apollo: You are too weak...

    .... I couldn't protect anyone... Not Masao... Not Niku... Not even Momo... Can I get anymore useless?

    Apollo: You need to get stronger...

    After all the training I've been through... Haha, such a failure...

    • Hermes started sinking in the lava.

    I don't think that sinking in lava is a cool death though. I couldn't even drag Ap…

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