Sher: So why did you pick him? *whispers to Hermes*

Hermes: He looks like the weakes of them! We can totally destroy that guy with our combination attacks.

  • Hermes and Sher grinned at each others.

Magnus: Good luck! *Luffy grin*

Marimo: Watch out, guys. This guy looks dangerous...

Karasu: Hmph... If it's a fight that you want, I will be glad to defeat both of you. *hand in his pockets*

Hermes: Sure... let's just move outta here and find a wider place to fight in, dude.

  • Karasu followed Hermes and Sher where they went to what looked like the harbor of the town. There was a lot of cargo cratess and boxes and they were next to the sea. The stage had little to no people patrolling it so it was a safe place to fight.

Sher: Why did you hurt one of our nakama? *serious*

Karasu: Don't you know the Rose pirates? You stand in our way and you get crushed just like what happened to you friend...

Hermes: Let's do it, Sher!

Battle Start!

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