Lucifer: yo your new in the group! Spar with me

Selena: No.

Lucifer: Awwwww cummoooooooooooooooooon

Selena: No.

Lucifer: Why!?

Selena: I don't waste time with weakling's.

Lucifer: Twisted sister say whaaaaaaaaa?

Selena: I said your weak.

Lucifer: Oh hell no!

Lucifer goes to slam his large fist down on her, as his fist collides he felt nothing. He then heard a voice on his shoulder.

Selena: You are weak if that is all you can do.

Lucifer started wriggling around violently to try to shake off Selena. She jumped off Lucifer, then he turned around and shot a beam at her. Selena dodged the beam, then landed.

Selena: Hah.

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