• Lixis wakes up in a cell where its really cold

Lixis: what is going on here?

???:oh so youre new here

Lixis:who are you? where am i?

???:my name is roal who are you? and your in impel down level 5!

Lixis:so i was defeated... im going to only be a burden to my crew... hope they dont try to rescue me flashily...

Roal:what crew are you from?

Lixis:the espada pirates oh and my name is lixis.

Roal: youre one of the espadas? youre captain is a yonko?!?

Lixis:yep im the ship doctor

Roal:thats amazing im from the sand pirates i steer the ship


  • lixis hears footsteps

Roal: oh god! its an admiral!

Lixis :HIM!! damn you....

???: what no how are you? thats rude... SON!

Lixis: shut up lucifer!

Roal: he's your dad?!?

Lucifer: look i dont like having you here in prison either but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.

Lixis:like your one to talk you know your not a man!

Lucifer: as if i care you brat well i came to give you another chance join the marines lixis!

Lixis: not even if my life depended on it

Lucifer: but it does


Lucifer: i liked you better asleep

  • lucifer's eyes bulged and lixis fell on the ground unconcious

Lucifer: everyone get ready we've angered a yonko!

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