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    In the Isles of Camp Nou, on the Merseyside lies the great island of Deulofeu. Lies the great temple of Goodison, the temple is now abandoned and there are vines covering the 4 great towers. the vines almost make  a sort of wrestling ring. The Trees  encircle this "arena", The Trees named Fellaini trees all don't have branches until the very top where they grow like afros.. very similar to Broccoli. There is a very power Dichotomy in this island the surface dwelling animals and the tree top animals., however there can only be one top predator!

    Hermes and Sher are in the middle of Fellaini tree jungle heading towards the Goodison Temple.

    Hermes: This place is so nice and cool! theres shade everywhere. I wonder why theres no animals

    Sher: There…

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  • Man of Myth is Dayman

    ( A small rest island in the middle of the Grand Line, the calm breeze brushes against the small shop bells, the tone melodious. The small hut like shops are filled to the brim with men who washed up ashore, some out of necessity and some simply to rest. Inside a particularly full one, there lies a hairy man, who's face is covered by an authentic chinese strawhat and his body his covered by a huge red kimono, he is  calmly sitting sipping a nice warm tea.)

    Barkeep: Nice day isn't it?

    ????: .......

    Barkeep: ( a nervous from the awkwardness) Ummmm.... Alrighty then

    The Door flings open loudly, man is standing grinning widely

    ????: (loudly) HOW IS EVERYONE??!?!

    The man sitting at the bar shrugs

    ????: (points at the man and states loudly) WHATS YOUR NAME…

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  • Man of Myth is Dayman

    ( On the banks of Selbago, a winter desert island. The Barren frosted plains are home to one animal alone. a durigo, Zatch is talking to a young boy wearing the espada pirate emblem on his back)

    Zatch: so you wanna be like marimo? huh?

    Dice: why else would i change my name to dice, grandpa?

    Zatch: you pester me, just like your father

    Dice; i'm nothing like the man named crocodile.

    ( a flying bear appears behind zatch)

    Zatch: prove it.

    ( before he can turn around the durigo is decapitated)

    Dice: (sheaths his sword) i will find my hero, and kill him with my own hands, so that i may become the best swordsman in the world.

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  • Man of Myth is Dayman
    • Itachi Zame is wrapping himself up.

    Marcus: Take your time to think.

    Rici: Even if he says yes, he may not be able to fight.(glares at Zame)

    Zame: Maybe your right, i have to chose now.

    Caring: This guy is weird* chews on some chocolate*

    ( Lucifer has been silent then..)


    ( The ship is silent)

    Rici: Lucifer, its time to move on.... If anyone should be upset it should be the guy who brought Hyde to this crew. ..........Neptune( a tear rolls down his cheek)

    Marcus: Those two were great men, they both fought with us so we could achieve our dreams, Hyde achieved his, and Neptune is following his. Allow them to follow there dreams, like they fought so we could follow ours.

    Zame: (stands up) I've mad…

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  • Man of Myth is Dayman

    Marine 1: Vice Admiral!!! we found him!

    Hyde: looks like,... I can't get away from you anymore.

    Vice Admiral Clyde: Yes..... (thumbs up) GOTCHA!!! yo, yo, yo.....BROOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Hyde: Same old Zamy... ha ( smirk)

    Marine 1: Zamy?

    Marine 2: Why did he call Vice Admiral- sama, Zamy?

    Hyde: looks like you have these idiots fooled.

    Giant Marine: Ha, I could take you on myself!! ( throws a punch)

    • Hyde sidesteps dodging the blow.

    Marine 3: Aim...

    Marine 1: This guy must be really strong to have a whole squadron chasing him.

    Marine 4: Focus!

    Hyde: ( looks directly at Marine 1) You nervous bro?

    Marine 1: (shocked) ...This guy is real creepy... (nervously)

    Marine 3: Hold your fire!

    Hyde: Why are you waiting! come at me!!!

    • Marine 1 nervously fires

    Marine 3: I said h…

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