( The Espada have docked in a big Island in the New World! Hermes decides to go deep in the forest to find some new materials he wanders for a while, and finds little he ventures deeper and deeper into the jungle.)

(Hermes is just shooting into the sky randomly)

Hermes: Dude, I should totally be heading back now.

( A strange feeling compells him to go forward into the jungle he spots a small little area that is rockier than the other parts of the forest, he sees a strange figue in the distance,)

Hermes: Hey Dude are you okay?!?!

  • The Man turns around.

Hyde: ( yawns) I'm fine, why do you keep saying Dude? (yawn)

Hermes: I don't know dude.

Hyde: Who are you anyway?

Hermes: I'm Hermes of the Espada Pirates ( Stands proudly)

Hyde: (yawn) really? I'm in the Ahou Pirates.

Hermes: Aghhhhhhh! My first Ahou opponent!( Gets his pistols ready) Fight me!

  • Epic music goes on in the background

Hyde: ......No ( goes to sleep)

  • Music stops


Hyde: ( wakes up) You know what, lets fight, I won't go all out, you look like a loser.

Hermes: ( Jaw drops) You're beyond rude!!! but lets fight!

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