( Hyde is on an unnamed Island in the New world. He calmly walks into a bar still damaged from his battle)

(Hyde looks at a man sitting with a chest surrounded by bidders)

Unnamed seller: Get a genuine Devil's fruit! We have a bid of 30,000,000 beri!

(Hyde walks to the man)

Hyde: I'll take that off you

Unnamed seller: You brat, do you think your the first person to try and steal it! I'm Erich of the Erich Pirates.

Hyde: The name's Hyde nice to meet you.'

Erich: I think I've heard that name before! your the subordinate of that devil Marcus!!!

Hyde: Yes, Nice to meet you.

Erich: Why in the world someone like you need this fruit?!

Hyde: These pills are killing me slowly, i cannot continue using them. I cannot die before he becomes Pirate King.

(Hyde is surrounded by Erich crew)

-*Man of Myth Karate: Hurricane Heel!*'( A spinning attack similar to Sanji's party table kick course)

(Hyde spits out some blood)

(while panting) Hyde: Give me the fruit!

(Erich is hiding in a corner)

Erich: H- H- Here take it! (Slides the chest towards Hyde)

(Hyde opens the chest and eats the fruit within it)

Hyde: I don't know what this fruit does, so i guess you'll be my sparring partner!

(Hyde rushes towards Erich)

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