The location is impossible to pin point as it seems to be not only twisted but out of the normal world, it seems to be out of this world

Only 2 people are seen, amongst the dream like landscape with impossible structures two of the worlds strongest fighters stand, Marcus and Marimo staring at each other cloaked in brilliant and opposite flames, both of which boil the blood they're covered in

Narrator: When did this happen? Why did it happen? Nobody no sign was ever left it never happened. The fight between these two was so great...that the universe, the strongest deities denied it from existence!

The sea is pitch black and the sky a twisted night, islands far and close are all left with huge marks in them and Marcus and Marimo punch and slash each other covered in blood

Marimo for one single moment draws out his Newly-Born Green Demon and slices Marcus cleanly in half

For a split second Marcus remains unmoved as the area around him grows from the pitch of night to bright white, Marcus entire body changes colors to negative as he smiles psychotically

Marcus: Oh look a new song... It's like the song of life in reverse...

Marimo: Welcome to my World, I am already the victor but I'll allow you to fight back. You deserve to suffer more.

Narrator: The turning point of the battle can be pin pointed to this precise moment. However one is already dead.

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