• In an winter island in the new world a huge earthquake shakes an entire city
  • Screams of fear can be heard from every corner of the city

Lustro: Everyone here is so fucking weak

  • A tall man with a big suit of armor is walking around in between some tall destroyed buildings that are in flames

Lustro: *blasting people away with lasers shooting from his palm* So boring!

civilian: Have mercy please!

Lustro: Mercy? What's that?

  • Lustro blasts the guy's head off mercilessly

Some kids: *screaming* Dad!!!!!!

Lustro: You little pests are next *points his palms at them

  • As he was going to shoot his lasers at them he is struck by a huge jet of water that pushes him back

Katsuo: What do you think you're doing?

Lustro: Someone strong finally! It'll be a pleasure killing you.

Katsuo: You're what's wrong with this world...

Lustro: What's wrong in this world is weak people! so DIE!!! *points his palm at Katsuo and shoots a laser at him*

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