Narrator: After the world shaking battle of the 3 aho's the news of the world was filled about only this incdent for quite some days. Marcus altought came out in last place and was deeply moved by that!

  • MArcus and

BR: [You were holding back weren't you?]

Marcus: [Shadup I wasn't obviously]

BR: [please! I know you were holding back it was obvious you're to nice! And that will be your downfall!]

Marcus: [ right...I am to nice]

BR: [I got an idea!] *whispers telepatichaly*

Marcus: Soup! Go fetch Lara, Fogo, Naga and Millenium Dragon! Take them all to bomb coral island!

Soup: Yosh!

Richard: Wait what?

Marcus: I'll be back by dinner *waves goodye has he steps into the sea*

  • Marcus fastly swims towards the island on the bottom of the sea using aho haki has a light source
  • Marcus swims for about 5 minutes leaving a trail of uncoscious or scared fish behind him
  • He quickly arives near the island and he jumps out lading in a clear area near the shore

--Black box saying: Bomb Coral Island--

  • The island is a tropical island but the palms are sequoia size and are in small numbers
  • around them are strangely corals instead of flowers or anything else
  • The shores and sides of the tree are full of deep blue corals that release white bubles with explosve gases inside(there's atleast 1 explosion every 5 second somewhere in the island)

Marcus: The breeze is so refreshing * a litle explosion ocurs somewhere around the island*

  • Soup arrives shortly after with the 4 of them
  • Lara and Fogo both have new apearances

fogo: (yes she is kunieda aoi from Beelzebub)

Lara: (no idea if this is actually anyone XD)

Lara: Marky I'm here *blushes* [He just brought me here with this girl to show just how better I am!]

Marcus: I already said nothing hapened or will happen between us!

Lara: *pouts* Keep telling yourself that

Fogo: hummmm... why are we here... *does not make eye contact all this time*

Marcus: Oh yes! I Brought you here to! FIGHT ME!

Naga: *sign glows* Fuck yeah!

MD: A fight? How amuzing

Fogo: *her signs glows and her voice turn calm yet confident* Just what I've been looking for!

Lara: If I win I get a kiss?

Marcus: ...yes...

Lara: LET'S GO!

Soup: I'll join for the heck of it!

  • Fogo draws her bisento, the pole is dark blue the blade cuting part is a totally black made of reinforced obsidian while the rest of the blade is made of a resitant metal*
  • Lara touches the flowers in her hair and they start shining brightly, her hair starts geting a litle longer and she now has a super calm look
  • Naga takes a huge bite on the dirth under him, in it's mouth starts flowing out lava and he takes flight
  • Milenium dragon opens his wings wide and sucks up a lot of air
  • Soup starts making huge amounts of electricity around him and activates his eçectrical senses
  • Marcus draws his sword and his watch turns into the glove, huge amounts of aho haki appears behind him

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