• Somewhere in the new world, very close to a calm belt the aho's reach a random small island with nothing special about it

Richard: What exactly is this island?

Shiro: *just used kenbunshoku haki* This oughta be fun

  • The island literally fades away and a huge buble is actually the island

Marcus: What was that a mirrage of some sorts?

  • the bubble pops and all the ahi's get shot into the heavens
  • Marcus in specific falls on the bigger cloud
  • Marcus looks around and notices some traces of civilization in the clouds and a lot of snow everywhere

Marcus: It snows on sky islands too? Wait this means *lays on the ground and makes a snow angel, then a snowmen and throws random snowballs into the air

  • Marcus runs through the cloud mountains in awe, slowly sinking himself more until he jumps off into a plain
  • Marcus finally stops and just lays there not moving

Marcus: Ah snow, how much I love you.

  • Some time passes and Marcus is seen walking looking for the others

Marcus: GUYS! WHERE ARE YOU? *His natural perception warns him of a strong enemy near * He's no joke...

  • Marcus quickly runs through the snow until he reaches a village
  • A man at the center of the village stands there on top of a frozen fountain

Shir: Go away...

  • A black box appears saying: ICE KING Shir

Marcus: Make me *smirks*

  • A black box appears saying: AHOU Marcus
  • Marcus activates aho haki around him, an opaque white flame with fading borders shines brightly around him

Shir: ...

Marcus: You don't talk much do you?

Shir: ...

Marcus: I'll Make you talk

  • Marcus rapidly draws his sword and throws a warning swing at Shir
  • Shir dosen't budge

Shir: You won't do as you're told...

  • A ice spike almost impales Marcus from under

Marcus: Looks like we have a duel on our hands

Shir: ...

Marcus: *his aho haki intensifies and starts vibrating intensly* YOUR INDIFERENCE IS PISSING ME OFF ALREADY!!!!

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