• In a winter island in gigantic shoping mall made of mahogany and light blue glass
  • Full shot of a huge city with sky scrapers made of wood mostly, with alot of white metal coverign it, and teh ame blue glass in all of them

Sher: So you lost captain i will find that guy and avenge you for it

MArimo: *sweatdroping* dont need he was a really fine guy besides he didnt kill me and his pet gave us treatment so dont be to angry

Sher: but their boat is right there lets sink it

Marimo: you have notion we will ahve to rebuild it yet again right?

Sher: then ill go fight him mano a mano

Marimo:if you wish it that hard [thinking: hope he dosent gell hurt to hard]

  • sher turns into full lion form and runs towards teh mall after picking up Marcus scent
  • burst the door open and makes everyone inside the building midly scared of teh lion

Sher: people arent scared of me? starnge *transforms to human form*

  • flash cut to Marcus

MArcus: what a nice coco *drinks soem of it* how warming

  • walks out of a cafe with soup on his left


MArcus: *looks at th sher and notices part of his snot froen* you have frezed snot on your nose

Sher: NANI *cleans the snot and take sout his sword* taste the wrath of magnus nakama

Marcus: Magnus... oh that brain guy i thought with 3 months ago good times

Sher: i wont fall for your fighting style Magnus told me all of it

MArcus: Sorry to tell you this sir. But my fighting style has changed from then to this point in time

Sher: why are you talking all classy

Marcus: finishes his hot coco* no idea just wanted to do it

Sher: Be serious when someone wants to duel you. And how did you change your fighting style that quick?

Marcus: i already had planed it since i was a child but never got the DF i needed until i found it in this mall

Sher: they sell DF's here?

Marcus: This island is a completely omercial island they seel everything in this mall.

Sher: that explains why its bigger than the city itself... Stop changing subject and fight me already

Marcus:*reaches his shoulder bag and takes out a Small Sherlock Homes book* Time to finally use this unique fighting style. Hope you like it Cesar. after 20 years i finally made my own thoug i doubt i will be as good with it as i was with the other

Sher: May i start

Marcus: be my guess *opens the book and takes out the page marker*

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