Somewhere in the Grandline a huge fleet of Battleships are seen sailing in great speed

Tashigi: Listen up men adjusts her glasses we're going to take on an entire empire out, we and those 2 other ships are striking the base of operations.

Marine #1: Whatever you want tashigi-kun <3

Various Marines: We'll do whatever you want Vice Admiral Tashigi~

Tashigi: sighing darn it, why did you insist on them coming Smoker?

Smoker: smoking a cigar while looking at a log pose We're getting near.

Tashigi: Admiral Smoker don't ignore me annoyed face

???: Let him be Tashigi laughs he's just eager to finish his job.

Tashigi: I know that Coby.

A big black box saying "Vice Admiral Coby" appears underneath Coby's smiling face

Smoker: Hey Crow Nest boy can you spot anything?

Marine: Nothing yet Smoker.

Coby: Wait, everyone get down!!!!

Just like Coby said everyone got down moments before a huge light beam tranversed the sky and cut the ship's sails and masts

Marine #2: What the hell was that!?!!?

Marine #3: A Pacifista!!?

Smoker: That Lustro bastard throwing a sneak attack like this. grinds his teeth

???: robotic voice Who's trying to sail into Genesis without permission?

Smoker: stands on the front of the ship with shadowed eyes Show me where the island is and we won't destroy it too much.

???: Negati- it gets slashed in 2 by some kind of white flying slash

Smoker: That's not the answer I asked for.

Coby: The island is submerged Smoker-san I can feel people undferwater.

Tashigi: Is there no way to get it to the surface?

The sea starts to rise a little as a bubble seems to appear infront of the ships

???: No need too hide anyways. Weak people need to die so only the strong live on the planet.

An entire island surfaces as the bubble around it pops and in the limits of it stands there a female figure on top of a mechanic horse

???: Surprised to see me Smoker? I know it looks weird but I'm still Lustro takes out helmet

Coby: Now that was unexpected...

Smoker: extremely pissed off DON'T SCREW WITH ME!!! transforms his back into smoke and jets towards Lustro with his jitte aiming at Lustro's neck

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