Narrator: After reaching Raftel the Aho's discovered that they needed some way to read the phoneglyphs and so they parted ways to try and find the person knows as Nico Robin or one of her students! Seeing that some people still had some things to settle in some islands the crew made a bow to use Coral Mine island as a meeting point! Tough unlike before the crew used den den mushis to communicate with each other! Today we follow Marcus chase for a student which eventually turned into a mini scale war between a vice admiral and him!

--On an island in the new world--

  • huge box saying: Draco Paradisus
  • The island has a very medieval feel to it dispite being quite modern with the materials! Every house is made of expensive and dark mahogany wood, the rock parts are made with this
  • huge pillars stand tall in the streets made of gravel, this pillars have some strange writings all over them that give of light!
  • The island clouds made from the volcano cover the sky day and night virtually making entire weeks black as night!
  • The Policy of this country is quite simple: When someone manages to make a contract with a dragon he is crowned Dragon Knight and can make whatever rules necessary! Those who can make a contract with the Milenium dragon are crowned Dragon King and have the higest authority!
  • Humans live in the outskirts of the volcano while the drsgon live and feed on the volcano!
  • The 2 live relatively in peace with eachother! Dragon Knights can call their dragon if needed to help them do whatever they want

Marcus: Meh! Any idea where we should start soup?

Soup: Nope :I

Marcus: Let's go to that tabern!

Soup: yosh

  • the 2 enter a tabern called Wyvern Rum

Marcus: Any of you know how to read the phoneglyphs?

Guy 1: I know a guy who knows! *points out of the window to a church like building* The guy is always there at 6 a.m. to clear the sky for the day!

Guy 2 : be warry tough! He dosen't like company!

Marcus: he sounds like a strong guy *grins* Let's go Soup!

  • they arrived at the building and went to sleep trought the afternoon so they would be awake by 6

--At 6 a.m.--

???: *shadowed female figure with a huge ass spear in his back stand on top of the building* I SUMMON THOU


*a huge shadow flys in zig zags trought the sky leaving a zig zag trail on the clouds were the sun shines trought

*the clouds start to disperse and the sky gets clear

Marcus: What was that?

*the huge shdowed sky dives behind Marcus and Soup

*Marcus and Soup are blasted away by wind pressure away from the shadow

*the shadowed man jumps on top of the shadow that flew and a shines

* the tall womans physich is revealed has this

* the shadow that flew was a horse sized version of this dragon

???: Who are you?

Marcus: hi my name is Marcus I'm a yonko in the new world :D

???: Your him? You don't look that scary for a yonko...

Marcus: And who are you?

???: My name is Fogo (Fire in portuguese)! I'm the vice admiral apointed to this island! They sent me alone cuase aparently I can befriend any dragon I want! I use this one mainly and his name is Tocha (torch in porutguese)

Marcus: Why don't you kill me if your a marine?

Fogo: Cause I think your lying! Do you have a death wish any way?

Marcus: well I do understand you don't believe I'm him...I got younger afterall...

Fogo: lamest excuse ever!

Marcus: Don't care I just need you to read me some phoneglyphs!

Fogo: why would I?

Marcus: Cause your nice *begs on knees with huge cute eyes*

Fogo: Do you have no honor? Your worthless if your really the yonko Marcus then destroy that pillar

*Marcus who was still on his knees stares at the pillar

*makes a bow out of aho haki and launches an arrow made of it too

*the pillar cracks into various pieces

Marcus: there!

Fogo: Impressive but still not impressed enough, let's see: if you can beat me I'll help you!

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