(On a remote Marine Fort in New World. This fort was once a first line of defense against Pirates who dreamed to enter New World threw threw Fighman Island route. It was later destroyed by the Great Whitebeard during the rescue of one of their crew-mate that marine captured. Since then this fort is deserted and abandoned but is used by Marines to repair and re-fuel their ships supplies.)

(A mini-marine ship ports at the Dock and Vice Admiral Lion A. Sam comes out of it and enters the former marine base. He is looking around for Zatch Zerubabel, the infamous marine who holds the record of highest bounties ever claimed and Wardog wishes him to join them in serving justice that the world deserves. Zatch's reputation is not exactly of a law-abiding Marine but that has given Wardog fleet more reason to request him to join their Fleet.)

(Sam reaches the old Marine dojo building)

Sam: Where the hell is that guy? and why was I send to receive him? thou it gave me a chance to text out my new Sam-Awesome-Water-Jet-Rider .. it was fast. Might use it in next mission hahaha-

???: It looks hideous.

Sam: .. well well well the infamous Marine Zatch Zerubabel if I have not mistaken. Thanks for the remark but my creation are not that bad, just need little touch ups.

Zatch: Why are you here? I asked for Neptune to come so we can clear where I stand in the fleet. I don't have interest in fighting the 3rd seat. Go bring the Second seat Om or Neptune himself.

Sam: well .. your offer is admirable but I am afraid I can't do that. Om is someone that even Neptune himself would not think of try fighting with .. that man is beyond our reach but about Neptune .. .. you see, he is my captain and I can't let you take on the king right off the bat just like that. (smiles) You yourself hold the title of 3rd seat in 8th division. I think its fair to see if you are capable to take my position or not .. right?

Zatch: (smiles a little) I figured it won't be this easy .. well (stands up) lets see the strength of 3rd Seat of Wardog Fleet.

Sam: Marine Vice-Admiral Lion O. Sam .. the pleasure is all mine.

(Both gets in stance to fight)

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