In the New World

Old man:A Old man is sitting at the bar drinking his sake when sudenly a marine sits at his side and whispers to his ear with a smirk(they are coming old timer)the marine after drinking his glass goes off with a shadowed face while the old man keeps drinking his sake,when sudenlly all of the bar starts to get supressed like its a piece paper on someones hands.

Old Man:Cant a guy drink in peace this days...

  • (The old man gets out of the bar slowly,while all the other people are wierded because of the cracking noise arround the bar)

Theon:We are CP-0 and we have come on a mission too assasinate you,(The bar gets blown to just a pile of rocks like it was grabbed and squized like paper),"Roar of the Flame",Golorca,(A group of 6 people stand at Theons side).

Golorca:So your the group he said it was coming to take my life,(Drinks some more sake and throws the bottle on the ground),come and try CP-0 or whatever your name is.

The Rest will be done in Turns,hope you look forward to it.

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