Mornin people, I made this blog to discuss a problem that seems more serious that I have expected. It's about ratings.

Ratings seem to influence the authors of turns a lot more than expected such as favoring ones towards a certain author of turns, those ratings are done after the turn has been finished.

Those ratings influence the other authors mostly in a bad way and make the author concentrate more on the ratings than on the overall fight, they all hit the author hard, because he worked hard and he gets a bad rating.

This is all discouraging and could affect the next turn.

My solution would be the creation of a new rule, that of ratings not being allowed until the whole fight is over, that way people could keep up with the whole story in one day or so, not rate each turn in particular, but also each turn as a piece of the battle. It's also a better comparrison for how good turns are in comparrison to other from before.

Example: A turn gets a 9.5 before, then a turn that is further away gets a 9, even if it was way better compared to the one that got a 9.5

The ability to keep a comparrison level in a fight that lasts a week or so is hard.

This solution will make sure that ratings will not be able to affect the creation of the turns that follow the one rated.

Now I wish to hear your opinion on this.

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