• Sniper'san

    debut match

    November 1, 2011 by Sniper'san

    so i have been told to try to make a fight between to pirtae crews, this is the first fight i have done and i want you to rate it.

    this is a fight between the pun pirates and the gunpowder gargoyles

    • two pirate ships come to sight on the vast ocean and hit eachother*

    gunpowder captain (B. B. gunne): who dares to cross the path of the gargoyle, men shoot at their mast and imobillize them"

    • canon ball wrecks the mast of the pun pirates*

    random pun pirates " we cant let them do this captain, we have to do something"

    pun pirates captain ( I. Noah. joke) : " what can we do men, they have weapons off mast destruction"

    • silence*

    captain noah: "well you have a point" *hands him a spear* "hey gunne, what about some one on one action"

    random gargoyle pirate: "a…

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