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    A Happy End

    October 8, 2016 by Swimswimfruit

    The Terminus Est can be seen embarked on the coast of a small, beautifull island of the New World...

    The Espada Pirates can be seen doing random activities, like exploring the forest that was close to it, which was filled with many species that can't be found anywhere else on the planet, or simply relaxing on the beach.

    Magnus can be seen walking through the forest, alone.

    Magnus: Hey, how you feeling?

    Walking side to side with him is Owari... Only Magnus can see him.

    Owari: Well, I do feel quite salty after my plans were foiled in such a grand way... but at least it was not for naught. You now acknowledge my existance as a permanent part of you, so I got taht going on for me, which is nice.

    Magnus: You simply could have speaked up earlier... Wo…

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  • Swimswimfruit

    Loose Ends

    October 4, 2016 by Swimswimfruit

    Magnus climbs the ladder to the Mugens' ship. The Crew is ready to sail, and was simply waiting to say goodbye to Magnus... They had already bidded farewell to the rest, so he's the only one left.

    Magnus: I'm gonna say this one last time, and then we put this all behind us. I'm sorry for Yusei. You guys however proved that you can be just fine without him.

    The Five pirates have gathered around the man, and listen to his words without interupting.

    Magnus: I know it all too well, what it's like to lose loved ones. You have to stand up and be strong, for their sake too. Think of what he would have wanted, always have that feeling in your hearts... I think that, as Caesar would have said, you all have grown to be fine Men indeed.

    They all take the…

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  • Swimswimfruit

    The days after a war

    October 4, 2016 by Swimswimfruit

    Magnus wakes up in a comfy bed. He tries to turn around the white sheets, but he suddenly feels immense pain from all over his body.

    George: I used my time powers to take your body back in time, but even I cant make miracles...

    Magnus: Thanks Dad. I really appreciate it. I doubt I would be able to heal some of the wounds from the war...

    Mugen also comes in the room, and finds that Magnus has woken up.

    Mugen: Ooh, Magnus-san! You woke up!

    Magnus: Only my eyes. My body still feels heavy,and my mind foggy.

    Mugen: Need I remind you that after you performed the Mugensei you still fought on for hours?

    Magnus: Yes but as we were teamed up, our powers were beyond Anything I could imagined! Im almost gonna miss having that bastard team up with me, that po…

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  • Swimswimfruit

    Both are running, with human speed. Their determination is imminent.

    They have both discarded any doubts, rather, their opponents have slashes them away.

    Have a single doubt in your mind about your goal, and your Haki will wither. They both know they can't afford that.

    Owari no Yami no Hiken: End.

    Mugentoryu Kai: Hikari No Ken.

    It all happens in an insant. 

    As the two reach up to eachother, and thei swords touch, two things happen at the same time.

    At most places around them, Owari uses the best of his skills to bend reality itself... Everything around him loses its light, and turns into darkness, to be wielding by the man.

    At higher places, all the light that escaped from Owari's powers, all the light that Magnus has been releasing in the last ho…

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  • Swimswimfruit

    Unmei no Owari

    October 2, 2016 by Swimswimfruit

    Unmei no Owari...

    Everything is calm... Nothing moves, no sounds can be heard...

    We see soldiers, we see the waves, we see anything that has a purpose...

    Around the battlefield, all people have stopped moving... They aren't forzen in time, things go on naturally... 

    They all just stand there.

    Even Marimo, Marcus and Mugen simply stand still... Their look is empty and emotionless.

    Around the world, too, everything is simply still. No one is moving. Empty looks and lack of emotions are written on all of the world's faces.

    Owari: Every sinlge thing on this earth has been frozen. Every string of destiny stopped, all but ours. 

    Magnus can be seen, sweating heavily, realizing what just happened.


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