• It was a normal day in the New World. The Terminus Est was sailing proudly after being almos completely destroyed.
  • Muramasa was fixing the ship.
  • Marimo was training in his room.
  • Souji and Lixis, the new nakama, where in their rooms.
  • NWW was reading a book on his favorite chair.
  • Anarky was still sleeping.
  • Milky was in the kitchen.
  • Magnus, Sher and Hermes were fishing.
  • Ray was on the ship's floor; complaining loudly about being hungry. _________________________________________________________________________________________

Now, This blog is the Espada Pirates Private Chatroom! No fighting or interesting stuff here, the crew is simply talking and bonding; something we miss in this wikia. This will help the characters to get to know each others and learn each others past. This will be done in turns by all of us. Anyone who wants to add any conversation is welcome. You can control any character while doing so. No need for long comments, but they are welcome too, also short ones. ENJOY!

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