• the espadas on an island,to take a break after impel down,and celebrate Sher's birthday

In the bar where they partied,and they got a bit drunk

Marimo: *lokking at the gilr that was working here,who in her spare time was drawing * she's hot isnt she guys?

'Magnus/Sher/Hermes: with amrs over eachother's shoulders* she is!!!!

NWW: i am not interestedin females of the human race..........but that wolf we saw in lvl 5 in impel down was hot!!

Muramasa:you're right but................bestial...........*shivers8

Milky:*drinking milk* ahhh well she is nice and a good artist....

Ray/Lixis/Anarky/Souji *thumbs up*

  • The girl turns around**she walks at them**puts hands on table* ou guys......*giglges* i heard you.....

Marimo:So what???

Serena: i think you are hot too you guys *smiles* my name's serena are the yonko crew right?

Magnus:*laid back with hands behind head*yeah so...........? Hey!

Marimo:you wanna join us?

Magnus:*comicly punches marimo*that's my line!!!!

'Serena:i dont know......

all: c'mon!!!!if you sit down and think bout it,we';re not even real pirates!!! just people that live free that call themselves pirates!

serena:*smiles* i always wanted to be that kind of's a deal


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