As shadows start surrounding them, Sher and Nww, in their hybrid forms, finally dash at Kylen with tenacity.

Kylen: Dont rush it!

Kylen moves his fingers, and shadows that some rocks formed get launched at the two. Sher swings his Barbar and breaks the shadow into pieces, while Nww simply dodges it, and crunches.

New Sprint.

Using the advanced muscles that his Zoan offers him, Nww almost instatnly reaches up to Kylen, and coats his dagger in Armament.

New Slash.

Kylen also coats his arms in haki, and intercepts the block. Nww feels his steel blade unable to pierce through his skin once again, but then grins. He drops the knive, and grabs the huge man's arms with his wolf hands, stabbing the tough haki-imbued nails in them.

Nww: Do it!

Sher appear above the two, having sheathed the Barbar, and with a tenacious look. 


Drawing some of the elemental powers from his sword's devil fruit, he sighs, and then he swings his arms. He appears behind kylen, and eight scratches that form an "X" mark appear on Kylen's chest.

Nww grabs his dagger with his foot, and then jumps back, expecting the aftermath of the Nemea. Before he could understand why he feels the new wounds burning, Kyeln finds that his chest has been set on fire.

Kylen: But they are Zoans! How?!

Brave Heart.

Before he could get an answer, his haki warns him about the incoming threat. He manages to dodge Sher, in his lion form, as he was trying to bite the man's head off with speed and power. The threat is not over yet, since he is fighting two people at once. 

Before Sher's attack even ends, Kylen feels a new scratch opening above his left eye. Blood gushes out, and blinds him.

Nww appears behind the man, in his wolf form too, licking some blood off his claws.

'Nww: You better start doing something good, mafioso, or else your boss lady will be in trouble very soon.

Kylen simply looks at the ground with an empty look.

Cold Blood.

A dark aura starts warping around Kylen, and shadows from everywhere start dancing, leaping in the air, forming sharp yet shapeless weapons all over the place. They start attacking Nww and Sher with such speed and ferocity that they are forced into defensive evasions.

Sher: [Nww... it is not a wise move to anger this guy... he is strong enough to have awakened his devil fruit, apparetnly... We have become stronger, but let us not make hasty moves].

Sher turns into his hybrid form again, taking out the Barbar again.

Leo Breaker.

Sher suddenly uses much of his natural power to swing his Barbar around, breaking the shadows around him and emmiting some sort of smoke at the trajectory of the sword.

Nww realizes that they are being pushed farther and farther away from Ina and Kylen, and suddenly stops.

Nww: This is... the haki I mastered ever since that fight...

Nww turns into his hybrid form, and a tiny scar is seen on his forehead, proof of the first fight where his will managed to take form to assist him in his fight.

New Bashing:

Nww thrusts his arm, performing a powerfull palm strike that breaks the shadows into so many pieces, they shatter all the way to their cores, and fall on the ground. Before new shadows could attack him, he dashes with all of his speed and coats his dagger with Haki again. 

Kylen: Come at me, so I can crush you.

A few shadows are raised, and cover Kylen's arms, creating some sort of glove on it. He powerfully plants his feet on the ground, and then raises his fist, with his eyes shadowed.

New Slash.

Nww tries to attack Kylen with his sword moving at top speed, but he gets taken by suprise as Kylen suddenly brings his muscular arm down, smacking the wolfman down and creating a huge crater... Nww spits some blood, and tries to quickly get up, but he feels some shadows appear above him, and tangle him up, leaving him out of comminsion.

Kylen: First to go. You were not strong enough.

Kylen raises his leg, and brings it down with all of his power, trying to crush Nww skull with his power and weight...

Pandora's Omen.

A huge wound appears on Kylen's leg, and it is moved aside, missing it's target by a few centimeters. Blood flies out, and Kylen kneels, feeling amazing pain on the wound, also being unable to move the leg.

Sher appears above the man, swinging his Barbar down wiht a mad look. His lion face characteristis show that the king of the jungle's wild side has appeared, and that he has been angered.

Barbaric Death.

Sher swigns the blade down, which is still coated with electricity, and aims to decapitate Kylen instatnly. Before the blade reaches up to the man, shadows appear from everywhere and intercept the strike, also impaling Sher a few times.

Kylen stands up -barely- and dashes away using his other foot.

Kylen: [First fire and now electricity... it would seem that his sword also has a devil fruit. Very dangerous... he should be dealt with right now].

Kylen uses his devil fruit to gather immense amount of shadow layers around himm and in a few seconds, a huge armor of shadown has formed around him.

Emperor of Darkness. (

Kylen now simple stares at Sher, who was heading his way, with the Barbar in hand.

Royal Desert.

Sher swings his barbar at the shadow maker, and as he does activates the sword's powers, creating a sandblade around it, and imbueing it with haki.

'Kylen: Come at me with something serious, Yonkou's companions.

Kylen simply looks at the incoming blade, and then suddenly punches infront of him with brutal power and insane speed.

Sher: No... way.

The sand blade breaks, and the shockwave still travels with power, managing to send Sher flying through the air.

Kylen: Your pride as Pirates? If that is what you wanted to show me, then it seems that it is true what they say... That the Mafia reigns supreme.

Ina, being in a fight herself, only manages to take a small glimpse... It has been long since she last saw the Emperor of Darkness, her right hand man and frontman of the whole criminal organization in action, and it trully is terrifying to watch.

Nww and Sher can both be seen inside small craters, covered in their own blood, barely managing to stay awake.

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