Hello dear war wikians.Swim here,captain of the espada pirates,and coorpinator of the final espada arc (*grin* or is it?),along with marimo.Starting from today,we are going to blow up this wiki with xtreme epicness,past reqvealing,father beating (and not only from marimo),and over powered fights that Roger wouldnt beat.Yes.This is!


Act 1- (btw,Magnus story will take place before Marimo's,but the 2nd sotry wi9ll be almost right after)

  • The Terminus est is heading towards an island.
  • Magnus is lying with his usual pose on the front of the ship,w8ing from them to find smthing(his usual pose=laid back,with the hands behind the head and legs crossed one over the other)

  • Hemres,on the top of the shi[p's mast,sees a shadow of an island,that suddenly dissapears and apeares behind them
  • All the espadas go to the back xept magnus,to check it out.

Magnus:dont bother........

  • the island dissapears again
  • it reapears 1 km away

George:*Magnus' pet,the bnike-droid remeber?* magnus...........we're going for it?

Marimo:Magnus what i goign on here?

Magnus:nothing to be afraid of! *jumps of the tip of the ship to the sea*

muramasa: you aho!!!! you gonna drown!!!

  • beneath,george in his vehicle mode was waiting.
  • Magnus get's on hte bike,wich instantly accelarates and alsmost dissapears from the speed

Milky: damn it he's lucky.He's the only man who can ride a bike with inteligence and use telekenisis to glide over such speeds too!

Anarky:i want it to................

  • Magnus and george arive on the island wich instalty vanishes again,and reapears in a totalyl different direction,around 2km away.
  • Magnus is suddenly seen riding twards that direction,and presses the "fast" button
George:ok then...............*a sound like a airplane's enginge is heard* All espadas': FASTER!? *with hands up in the air in surpise*
  • George dashes towards the island,and behind him,a trace of gold and black (not pantheon aura,those colours are the colours of the bike too) is left behind him as he almost intantly reaches the island
  • before the island can get vanished,Magnus jumops of the vehicle with a front flip,draws katanas whiel airborn,and lands to the island whuile stabbing it.
  • the island is suddenly getting destroyed little b little (it wasnt so powerfull an attack that it would destroy the -even though small- was smthing else)
lixis: damn it captain! how much more power!????
  • Magnus is intantly on board with george in robot mode.
george:that was tiring......milky-san,a bottle of milk please! *magnus,knowing that the terminus never runs out of milk cause of milky,had made George run on milk* Milky:at least someone here really apreciates my milk! *throws the bottle at the driod* Magnus any minuite now.....
  • after 5 minuites,something is making the sea turbulant.An island imerges slowly from the sea,while the water around it turns gold and makes circles around the island calmly
  • The island is rising and rising,and the waves send the terminus way back
  • an Enormus island emerges from the debth of the sea
it has a ancient greek looking temle at the top of the obnly mountain,and the paradox is, that it is balancing on the top,since the top of the mountain is as little as a car,whereas the temple is around as big as a normal big house.
  • In a cricle around the island,there are torches coming of the sea,that hav a black fire on them.
  • two torches,the ones that are infront of the temrinus,have a golden fire,while on the top of the tepmle,a bright and deep red flame shines all over the island,bright almost as the sun,but also giving the image of an island in the night,
  • the sky now,since it is around 9pm is pitch black,and the stars can be seen bright as ever
  • all the espadas are staring at the island,and everyone is tanding next to eachother
  • Magnus is watching with shadowed eyse and a luffy grin
  • marimo is there waitning with hands crossed,and katsuo os next to him in the exact same pose
  • muramasa has his swords drawn out and is ready
  • Milky is there watching,while drinking a bottle of milk
  • nww is ther in his human form,staring at the island
  • sher in his htybrid form has barbar on his hand,and stares at the island
  • Hermes holds two guns in his hands,and twists the around,while staring at the magnificent isladn
  • Lixis is smiling while watching the island surface
  • Anarky and souji are just standingm there ready
  • Ray is also calmyl watching
  • Serena,while having quicly drawn a painting of the island,is staring at the beaty of it while twisting a brush in ther fingers.
Ray: is that..........?

Magnus: YES! *wdie luffy grin* IT IS THE GNOTHI SAFTON!

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