• The espada pirates were on a island,a big one the size of England

Magnus:this island is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i heard that in the center,there are some ruins! ilet's go see them mina!!!

'All"': ok!

  • after one day of fun in the island,tehy go for exploring

Marimo:Magnus you sence that aura?

Magnus*instantly draws swords and block a metal thing that was coming to him* yes i do....*grins*

Flame: long time n fight....magnus!

Espadas:it's the guy that faught the clone Lucci!!!

Magnus: you here to fight me again???

Flame: turns hands to metal* yes ofc i am!

magnus:you guys leave us........this will get too dangerous...

All:we can hold our ground..............

Magnus/Flame: do as you want!!!

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