We find ourselves back in time. 1 year ago, before the war wiki timeskip. To be exact, some days after the espada pirates came back from their 2 year timeskip they did for training. Now, they find themsleves spailing, and they land on a calm island.They get off, and they talk with teh residents, findign this island is named "Calmia", one of the very few extremly calm spring islands in the new world.

Magnus: Le'ts go for adventure then!!!

Marimo: You idiot! This is the calmest isalnd!!! What adventure could we have???!!!

Milky: We could go search for milk coconuts...they say they have some delicious ones here!

Nww: And i wanna search the ruins!

Muramasa: I'm k...we can go wherever you want!!

Magnus: It's decided then! *Raises hand* Off to adventure!!!

Marimo: You fool! What if we get into trouble...*draws one sword* ven thoight that wouldnt be a problem...*evil smile

magnus: Then let's go!!!

Marimo: cme to think of it...we have never seen ... how is really the strongest! We need to see if you are really fitting to lead us..Captain!

magnus': *(Grin* is this a challenge Marimo?

Marimo: It's a challenge from hell!!! For a fight of the two espadas!!

magnus: *HE instalty draws his swords and points them at marimo* *Wide grin* You...are on!

Warnign:THis battle is filler. It' just for the heck of it, Marimo and I wanted to fight. It will be with the weaker Magnus and Marimo, so dont expect Pantheon, God black flames, and dunno about the 3 legendary swords (:P)

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