Absolute silence...Nothing's moving. Not even the wind can be heard, as we see in a split screen two men's figures.

One is sitting, with his back against the wall... THe shot switches over to him, and we see that in fact, the part of the wall he's leaning on is the only part of the wall left standing...

On his chest a huge amount of wounds...his arms broken...his clothes ripped...Almost no breathing coming from him... His look is that of a man that accepted his fate... That of a man that knows he will die.

The other man is lying on the floor, with absolutly nothing around him. His eylids slowly close...He has apparently suffered damage of the same extent as the first man...

We see another man standing tall, panting. On his one hand, he holds something like a stick. With his other hand, he's holding a man's head by the hair...We see that the decapitated head belongs to the God, the owner of the kami kami no mi....

Right infront of him, lies the lifeless body of the other main force of the universe...Satan. With a terrifying expersion on his face, and a huge whole in his chest, it's apparent that the man before him overpowered him.

A huge crowd can be seen below the standing man...and they all chant in one voice..


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