• While the war between Espadas and Ahos is going on on Raftel
  • On a sky island above the new world
  • The island is on top of the legendary cloud that has the ability to move so fast,that it always evades the sun.The cloud goes always from the opposite direction that the world is spinning,and it always moves as to stay in the dark side of the earth.As a result,it allways is dark on it.
  • On the island,everything is a wasteland,and only one medieval castle stands tall
  • From it,light can be seen.A gentle,warm light,from inside the windows.The castle outside however is dark.
  • Inside, the corridors are filled with candles that make it so you only see 2 meters ahead of you.To see further,you have to move forward to go to the next candle.
  • On the top floor, in exacly the center,there is a room that has 15 doors.It is a giant room,and only 15 lights can be seen,seemingy floating in the air.
  • In reality,the candles are all on one big table,that has 14 seats that are facing the other seats (they are all parallel,7 from one side ,7 from the other.) .On the "head" of the table,there lies a big chair that is richly decorated.
  • Suddenly,the doors open
  • 14 persons dressed with completly black coats come in,and each takes a sit and a pose

(imagine the meeting smthing between these two,r:2,s:0,i:70 and

  • the man that is supposed to sit on the leader's chair sit down

leader: dear gods...

??? 1:why dont we get over with this?? we have thigns to do! *said a man that was leaning on his chair.his body build was normal,tall but skinny,and he emmited an sense of darkeness

??? 2: silence young fool! Let him speak! *said a man that from what could be seen of his face,was around his 70's.He emited a very freindly sense.

??? 3: do you ever shut up?? *said a woman voice that is both warm and cold at the same time-it had a very warm tone,but almost no emotion.

??? 4: also,where is time? *said a man who emited a powerfull sense that calmed everything-like haoshoku haki,but VARIETION.

??? 5 dont worry..he didnt want to come because he istoo busy..after he lost to his son he thought of something that he needed to do...but i think he wanted to evade this meeting....

leader: my dear friends...........shall we stop talking and finally begin?

all together: yes!

  • a black box was shown beneath the 14 men:

Council of Fate: the Human Gods with the powers of the Kami Kami no mi's

leader: as we know....each of us has been selected by the great Kami Kami no mi's....each Fruit selects it's own master,and makes him or her the user,even if the human has already eaten a Devil Fruit.To always leave the posibility of eating a devil fruit open,the kami Kami no mis get eaten by an item so close to the user,that they would never let it go.

??? 6 and it is a crime to give the item away??

leader: it is my dear certanly is....

  • The 6th man who spoke revealed his face.he was Hades

??? 7: you must understand know very well what happens if a man combines his god powers with the greek pantheon powers.....they become too powerfull.......and George gave his item to his son....meaning that the young Yonko could easily do something stupid and ruin things up...When he gave him two clocks,the one was magnus' clock that he used as a child..the other has the Kami Kami No Mi model time Item...Geroge's father's clock!

  • the candle infront of the last man that spoke turns blue,and becomes a water that shines like fire
  • the man is revealed to be Poseidon

leader: is logical that you know those thigns Poseidon.....because only you,Hade,Hares, Geroge and Magnus are the Greeks that have survived .....and is it a coincidence that all of these men mentioned have all posesed a kami devil fruit??

hades: no....we are the only ones that have been part of two of the "council of fate"'s and lived..


Narator: there were once,in ancient greece, 12 powerfull humans.Each,powefull in his field of his own...but,after a mystical and unkown phenomenon,only 3 survived....after that, only a handfull of greeks were left,as the rest were hunted by the world goverment...and why?

The leader of those gods.of "the olympians" was Zeus...he was the first user of the Goro Goro no Mi. And he also was the user of the Ultimate Kami Kami no mi: Model God.That same devil fruit,the leader of this meeting yields,corrupted as he is. With his powers, Zeus took the uniques abilities of all the first gods,and spread them to the Greek Population....A combination of those powers,of those gifts of the gods "was pantheon".

Flashback end

??? 1: and who cares?? we still are as powerfull as all of you

Poseidon: powerfull yes.....but not as dangerous when we combine our god powers with our's twice the power since it's actually like having two kami devil fruits

leader; so ...we are here to decide what to do with George...whether he lives or dies....and wether Jason Magnus Lives or dies too...


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