The Mugen pirates,after their loss against Magnus, had a party with the espadas, met them, became friends, and eventually made an alliance wiht them. They set sail, and decided to go somwehre to train.

  • On the ship

Stohos: (The sniper) OOOI THE ISLAND IS UP AHEAD*

Ihos: (The musician) TIME TO..PARTY! *guitar strum* YEAAAH

  • Stilo comes out of the kitchen, washing his hands with a towel

Stilo : Ahh good..the isladnd Hermes -san proposed for us to go train!

  • Mugen is just walking by.

Mugen: *Without stoping walking* Oi. Your hands.

  • Stilo looks at the towel, and sees that he had an Ink Leak -he has the pen pen fruit remeber?

Stilo: *Surprised face and popped out eyes* SHIT!

  • Crow comes out of the kitchen with a black tongue

Crow: STILO YOU TACO-COOK!!!!! (octapus cook cause of the ink) YOU HAVE JUST MADE INK PASTA!!!

  • Yusei punches Crow

'Yusei: And how do you know...? It's not dinner time yet

  • As Crow was punched, he bit his tongue

Crow *angry* GAAAAAH ! A BII MA TAANG!!! ( I bit my tongue)

Yusei: Mataku...that;s what you get for stealing dinner

  • Mugen comes in

Mugen: Woudl you two stop fighting?

Crow: As if!

  • Crow punches yusei in the face
  • Yusei stands there
  • The whole crew stands there amazed. Even with their rivalry, neither has ever thrown such a serious punch.
  • Yusei punches Crow in the nose too

Yusei: mataku....i think it's time. That we sloved our differeences!! Mugen, go train. This feather brain and i will go in the other side of the island and finally see. Who is this crew's true second strognest

  • Yusei grabs Crow by the hair, summons hios stardust dragon (check the Magnus vs Mugen blog for image ^^) , and takes off

All: *sweatdrop* dafuq just happned.

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