• On a huge mountain covered in snow
  • York is pointing his sword at Shir,who was at a big distance from him

York:*grins*You are more powerfull than me?True...but this kind of battle....THIS KIND OF BATTLE IS DECIDED BY FATE!!

  • On an island,Sengoku is standing near Garp,who is reading a newspaper

Sengoku:*dead serious face*A fight like this will shake the entire world.

  • On another island the New Era pirates are seen standing on a huge platform

Shiryu:*smiles*Lets just wait for them....

  • On the same island the Espada pirates are seen arriving

Magnus:*dead serious face*Guys be ready....This may be the last time we see each other.

  • Magnus is seen fighting and dominated by Shiryu

Shiryu:*smiles*What is the problem,Yonko?

Magnus:*dead serious face*You only try to make me lose my patience....I wont happen again.

  • Katsuo is seen saving Muramasa from Suzuki

Katsuo:*dead serious face*I will take this guy.

SO HERE IT IS!!Tell me what do you think.

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