• The Espada Pirates are sailing calmly in the New World
  • Their captain and vice-captain, Magnus and Marimo, recently returned after a fight between then, together with the Ahou Pirates captain and vice-captain, Marcus and Richard
  • The things they learned during that fight really affects them, since both Magnus and Marimo are really quiet and are seen often lost in their thoughts

Hermes:*whispers*Hey, Sher, dude, do you know what happened with them?

Sher: I have no idea, they had a lot of fun during that fight, or at least, thats what it seemed like to me. I don't know what happened with them.

  • Milky is seen sitting in a corner, lost in his thoughts just like Magnus and Marimo
  • He is seemingly the only one that knows about their situation

Hermes:*serious face*[And Milky too...what the hell is going on?]

  • All of a sudden, Marimo gets up and runs out of the cabin of Terminus Est

Ray: Marimo! Where are you going?

  • Marimo stops and looks at an island that was pretty close to them

Marimo:*dead serious face*We gotta stop here.

  • Magnus comes out of the cabin as well

Magnus:*serious face*Why?

  • Marimo doesn't answer, but the fact that he's preparing his swords is already enough of an answer for Magnus
  • Milky gets up and joins the rest as well, still lost in his thoughts
  • Without saying another word, Marimo jumps off the ship using his Devil Fruit


Marimo:*shadowed eyes*Please...

Hermes: Eh?

Marimo:*demonic look*Shut up.

  • Hermes, looking surprised and a little bit scared, doesn't say anything else

    The Hunter

  • Marimo slowly takes a few steps forward, then all of a sudden, he dashes forward at full speed
  • In just a few seconds, he comes across a tall man

Marimo:*demonic look*Who the hell are you and more importantly, how the hell did you call me here?

The Hunter:*smiles*I don't have a name, however, the ones that hire me call me The Hunter, I guess you can do the same. As for your question...lets just say I'm used to demons.

Marimo:*demonic look*Why you called me here though?

The Hunter:*grins*To complete the job I received from a guy named eliminate you.

Marimo:*shadowed eyes*Shir huh? I see...

  • Black flames erupt everywhere around Marimo

Marimo:*demonic look*Then you're not getting here alive.

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