• 1 week passed since Katsuo fought Ray
  • He spent some days with Claudia, then he continued his search for the Vandenreich
    Vandenreich Ice Base
  • Marimo also started to attack some bases of Vandenreich from different locations
  • He had to fight a very strong captain of the Vandenreich and defeated him, with the help of Katsuo
  • Then, they formed an alliance and decided to visit Shir to ask him for help as well
  • They reached Shir's main island and entered his base
  • 2 guardians appear in front of Marimo and Katsuo

Guardian 1:Hey, stop right...

  • Before he could finish his sentence, Marimo releases a wave of Haoshoku Haki and makes the 2 guardians fall unconscious

Marimo:*smiles*What an interesting place...right Katsuo?

Katsuo:Do you really think Shir will help us?

Marimo:*smiles*We will find out.

  • On another part of the island, Izura, the captain of the 28th Division is seen standing in front of another man

Izura:*serious face*What do you want?

Yuera:*smiles*My name is Farely Yuera and if its not obvious enough for you, I came here to fight you.

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