Future Arc

  • 16 years passed since the War of Gods
  • A lot of things happened in the world, a lot of new pirate crews appeard and a lot of powerful crews disappeard
  • In a bar, a 30 years old looking man is sheating his swords
  • A lot of injured or dead pirates are seen on the ground
  • The man starts walking out of the bar

????:Thank you very much for everything.

  • The bartender is seen trembling in fear with a poster in his hands

Bartender:*trembling*That one in this poster...

  • A random man from the bar approaches to him

Man:Who was that?

Bartender:*trembling*Water Swordsman Katsuo...A MAN WORTH OF 680 MILLIONS BERI!!

  • The scene changes to a town which is attacked by a lot of people, all in white costumes
  • An old man attacks them, using 8 short swords
  • He is easily defeated
  • The scene changes to the same old man, but with Ray, an ex-member of the Espada pirates near him

Ray:*serious face* seems we are too weak for this guys...who the hell are they?They are much stronger than I expected.

Marimo:*dead serious face*They are not strong...I am just have the power to change the age of things around you.

Ray:*serious face*Yes, I do, but you forgot that I cant use it on humans?

Marimo:*dead serious face* case you forgot...I am half Demon.

  • The scene changes to Marimo in the middle of a lot of defeated people
  • Marimo is in his 22 years old form
  • He is surrounded by fire and is looking into a man's eyes

Marimo:*demonic look**calm voice*I am back.

  • The scene changes to Marimo fighting another man in a white costume
  • He releases a fire wave at the white costume man
  • A wave of water suddenly clases with Marimo's
  • Katsuo appears in front of Marimo

Katsuo:*smiles*Long time no see, bastard-sensei.

  • The scene changes to Marimo and Katsuo fighting the white costume man
  • Right when they were about to defeat him, a kid suddenly attacks the man and kills him

Marimo:*surprised*Who the hell are you?

Erich:*dead serious face*My name is Sasagawa Erich.

Marimo and Katsuo:*shocked*What did you say?

Erich:*dead serious face*I am the son of Sasagawa Kenshin and Serena Sun.

  • The scene changes to Katsuo fighting Kyo

Katsuo:*serious face*Why you attacked me?

Kyo:*smiles*Why you ask?You are afraid to fight me?

Katsuo:*serious face*Of course I am not.

  • Kyo appears in front of Katsuo

Kyo:*smiles*You seem to be.

  • Katsuo and Kyo clash
  • The scene changes to Katsuo fighting a huge man in a white costume
  • Katsuo is badly injured

Katsuo:*shadowed eyes*It seems I have no other choice...I will show you the style I developed in my fight with Poseidon 16 years ago...Shigure Soen Ryu.

  • The scene changes to Marimo, with his swords covered in fire and lightnings and fighting another white costume man

Marimo:*serious face*I will show you the style I developed during the last years...the most powerful style I ever had.

  • The scene changes to an almost defeated Marimo
  • A white costume man is standing in front of him

Man:*maniac laugh*What can you do without your swords now?You are weak...BECAUSE YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT YOUR SWORDS!!

Marimo:*serious face*I figured that some years ago...that I am weak without my swords...thats why...

  • Marimo appears in front of the white costume man and punches him in the stomach, cracking a lot of his bones

Marimo:*serious face*I also developed a hand-to-hand style of fighting.The power of my hand-to-hand style is pretty close to my sword style.

  • The scene changes to Marimo in his Family Mark form
  • His Family Mark form has changed and now his eyes look exactly like Shishio's
  • Katsuo is near him

Katsuo:*surprised* that?

Marimo:*demonic look*The true power of the Family Mark...I am a True Demon.

  • The scene changes to Marimo and Katsuo fighting

Katsuo:*smiles*I am really curious to see which one of us is stronger.

Marimo:*smiles*I am pretty sure thats me.

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