• On an island from the New World
  • The ship of the Mafia Pirates can be seen stopping near the island
  • The captain of the Mafia Pirates, Shuji, gets off the boat and starts walking towards towards a certain point on the island with a dead serious look
  • All the Mafia Pirates gather around Shuji, creating a path for him to walk
  • Their faces are shadowed as they look on the ground
  • After Shuji gets a big distance, all the pirates start looking after him with serious, but worried expressions
  • In a few mins, Shuji reaches a place full of ruins

Shuji:*dead serious face*ARE YOU THERE??

  • Shuji waits a few seconds for an answer, but he gets none
  • He starts walking more, but using his Kenbunshoku Haki to not get attacked out of nowhere
  • Suddenly, with the help of his Kenbunshoku Haki, he starts hearing some voices
  • He starts looking around, but doesn't see anything
  • All of a sudden, Shuji falls on his knees and grabs his head with both his hands
  • He currently hears the sounds of a war, of many people fighting and dying right around him, but he was all alone

Shuji:*sweating*What...the hell?

  • A figure appears on top of a huge pillar at some meters from Shuji

????:*grins*May I ask why you came here?

Shuji:*dead serious face*What monstrous play so easy with my Kenbunshoku Haki...


Shuji:*dead serious face*But I would expect nothing less...from Magnus' dad.

George:*grins* you already know who I am. Good thing I also know who you are, captain of Mafia Pirates.

Shuji:*dead serious face*George L. Magnus...

  • George's attitude changes a little

George:*serious face*What?

  • Suddenly, Shuji appears in front of George who was still on top of the pillar, with his fists pointed at George

George:*a little bit surprised*[Impressive speed.]

  • Shuji tries to punch George, but George ducks and dodges the attack, however, Shuji's raw strength creates an air blast that destroys another pillar that was behind the one George was standing on

George:*serious face*[And what strength.]

  • Shuji tries to dropkick George, who quickly warps away
  • Shuji's kick completely destroys the pillar
  • He lands on the ground, a few meters from George

George:*serious face*Can you tell me why you came here to fight me?

  • Shuji looks on the ground and raises his right hand, the one with all his rings
  • All his rings start shining at once

Shuji's rings:Gokudera%27s_Sistema_CAI_Rings.png

Shuji:*dead serious face*I came here to kill you.

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