• The day of the fight has come

Katsuo:I AM READY!!

Marimo:Wait a second,Katsuo.*smiles*You need a battle suit.

Katsuo:Battle suit?

Marimo:Of course.You cant just go and fight in a samurai kimono like this.Also.....

  • Marimo takes out 2 special looking katanas

Marimo:*smiles*You will fight using the 2 swords of Sadao!

Katsuo:*surprised*Sadao-sensei's swords?

  • Katsuo picks the swords and also the outfit Marimo gave him
  • Katsuo starts crying from happiness
  • Katsuo gets ready for the fight

Marimo:Are you ready?

Katsuo:*serious face*Yeah....lets go.


  • Marimo sets off with Katsuo and they go to a small island
  • After some time Marimo meets with Hyde,the member of Ahou pirates


  • Hyde prepares a defensive stance

Hyde:*dead serious face*Are you here to fight me?

Marimo:*smiles*You are half right.

  • Suddenly Hyde gets cut on his shoulder by an air blade that came out of nowhere

Hyde:*dead serious face*You sure are faster than I though.....

Marimo:*smiles*I'm not the one who cut you.

Hyde:*dead serious face*Then who did it?

  • Katsuo appears out of nowhere in front of Hyde

Katsuo's description:,r:0,s:0


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