(This happens during the war between the Espada pirates and Ahou pirates,but me and Rici decided to fight sooner.The blog of how the crews clashed will be done when the official war will start,this blog will only have the fight between me and Rici.)

  • 1 month passed since the war between the Espada pirates and New Era pirates ended
  • The Espada pirates,without Magnus,arrived on Raftel,led by Gradion
  • Katsuo is walking together with Souji and Anarky

Anarky:Pfiu...finally we find a calm side of the island.This island is crazy!!

Souji:I know,I though we will die earlier...but here...everything seems calm.

Anarky:Yes,there are normal trees,normal ground,normal water.

Katsuo:*serious face*The perfect place for a battle.

Souji:Oi,take it easy Katsuo.

  • Suddenly,they notice someone standing on a rock at some distance from them
  • They approach and see that the person is a fishman

Anarky:Hey,who the hell are you?

  • The fishman jumps on the ground and points his fists at them

Richard:*serious face*I am the vice-captain of the Ahou pirates.I guess you guys are members of the Espada pirates,right?

Souji:*surprised*The Ahou pirates are here as well?I though we were the first to come here.

  • Anarky takes out his sword and takes a defensive stance

Anarky:*serious face*It seems like they were the first to arrive.

  • Katsuo grabs his swords

Katsuo:*serious face*[This the guy Marimo-sensei lost to?]

Richard:*serious face*I see...I will finish you guys fast.I dont plan on having a good fight,only with Dice.

Souji:*serious face*Dice?

Richard:*serious face*Yeah...the demon guy from your crew...the one you guys call Marimo.

Anarky:*sad face*I am sorry to inform you...but Marimo left the crew a while ago.

Richard:*pissed off*What did you say?How could he run from our second fight.He is such a coward!!

  • Katsuo's face is suddenly shadowed and he powerfully grabs his swords

Souji:*pissed off*Oi,we wont let you talk like that about Marimo!!

  • Souji and Anarky prepare to attack Richard,but Katsuo stops them

Katsuo:*shadowed eyes*Guys...step back...I will take care of him

Anarky:But Katsuo...

Katsuo:*demonic look*Just listen to me.

  • Souji and Anarky start walking back,leaving Katsuo alone with Richard

Richard:*smiles*I made you angry with what I said?

  • Katsuo slowly unsheats his swords

Katsuo:*demonic look*Angry is not enough said.You dared to insult one of senseis...

  • Katsuo suddenly appears behind Richard
  • Richard gets a small scratch on his right shoulder

Katsuo:*demonic look*...I wont have mercy.

Richard:*smiles*At least you are as arrogant as him.

  • Richard tries to punch Katsuo,but he jumps high in the air
  • Katsuo releases a lot of air blades at Richard
  • Richard powerfully punches the ground

Richard:*smiles*Gyojin Karate:Geyzer!!

  • A jet of water emerges from the ground and blocks the air blades
  • Katsuo lands on the ground
  • Richard slowly walks towards Katsuo

Richard:*smiles*What a good warm up.

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