• Magnus is at a small distance from Shiryu
  • Magnus looks at Shiryu with a deadly look
  • Shiryu simply smiles at him
  • The scene can be seen in the entire world
  • Everyone is shocked to see that the 2 Gods finally clash
  • Magnus picks his swords

Magnus:*dead serious face*I dont have what to talk with you.

Shiryu:*smiles*Are you sure?

Magnus:*dead serious face*What do you mean?

Shiryu:*shadowed eyes*I think that the fact that you remember your past is important for me.


Shiryu:*smiles*What?That you remember your past now?That you defeated your dad?That Marimo left your crew?That Lixis left your crew?That you have a kid now as the vice-captain?

  • Magnus starts trembling

Shiryu:*smiles*You think I didnt keep an eye on you and your crew?

  • Magnus furiously unsheats his swords

Magnus:*pissed off*It doesnt matter even if you know wont be able to cut me!!

  • Shiryu suddenly dissapears and reappears near of Magnus
  • Shiryu puts his left hand on Magnus's left shoulder

Shiryu:*shadowed eyes*I also know that Marimo didnt lost his powers even though he was returned in time.


Shiryu:*smiles*After this...I think I will take him in my crew,with Past Blade if neccesary.

  • Magnus furiously swings his swords at Shiryu
  • Shiryu jumps back and dodges in the last second

Magnus:*pissed off*LIKE HELL THAT WOULD HAPPEN!!

Shiryu:*smiles*What happened to your confidence?

  • Magnus dashes at Shiryu
  • Shiryu fastly takes a small piece of ice that he had in his pocket and transforms it into a blade

Magnus:*pissed off*[I will show him how powerfull I am now!!]

  • Magnus suddenly stops right before reaching Shiryu

Magnus:Totheka Theoi:Hermes!!

  • Magnus suddenly dissapears and reappears behind Shiryu


  • Magnus gets a scratch on his cheek

Magnus:*dissapointed face*[He was the first one to put damage on me once again...]

Shiryu:*smiles*I have to put you this question....

  • Magnus turns to Shiryu

Shiryu:*smiles*In all this time....did you advance at all?

  • Magnus furiously dashes at Shiryu
  • Shiryu dissapears and reappears behind Magnus
  • Magnus gets another scratch on his cheek

Shiryu:*smiles*As I though.

Magnus:*pissed off*[Damn it...I have to stop him somehow....he is just playing with me how he wants....I have to control myself.]

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