• Marimo and Keigo were clashing swords with each other
  • Marimo was using 1 sword and Keigo seems to dominate him
  • Marimo picks his 8 swords and pushes Keigo back

Keigo:*grins*This time I will make sure you will die by taking your head after the fight.

Marimo:*dead serious face*Dont be so sure you will have the chance to.

  • Marimo dashes at Keigo

Keigo:*grins*I dont want to talk.

  • Keigo prepares to block Marimo's attack
  • Marimo suddenly dissapears before reaching Keigo
  • Marimo appears behind Keigo and fastly cuts him on his back
  • Keigo jumps back

Keigo:*surprised*[What was with that speed?I wasnt able to see him.It was so he teleported.]

  • Marimo starts walking slowly towards Keigo

Keigo:*serious face*[What now?]

  • Marimo suddenly dissapears and reappears in front of Keigo

Keigo:*shocked*[Again......what the hell?]

  • Keigo tries to make a wall of water in front of him to protect himself,but Marimo is just to fast and stabs him with 1 sword
  • Keigo jumps back a huge distance

Marimo:*dead serious face*You are already putting a big distance between us?

Keigo:*dead serious face*Shut up.....[I hope with the use of Kenbushoku Haki I will be able to see his movements.]

  • Keigo dashes at Marimo

Marimo:*dead serious face*Finally,your first attack.

  • Marimo also dashes at Keigo
  • Marimo dissapears and reappears in front of Keigo


  • Keigo fastly reacts and tries to cut Marimo's neck
  • Marimo blocks using the sword he has in his mouth
  • Marimo repels Keigo's sword using just the sword in his mouth
  • Marimo cuts Keigo 2 times on his stomach
  • Keigo jumps back once again

Keigo:*shocked*[I....was finally able to keep up with his speed a little and now....WHAT WAS WITH THAT STRENGHT?!?!]

  • Marimo dashes after Keigo
  • Keigo releases a huge water slash at Marimo
  • Marimo easly cuts it in half
  • Keigo appears behind Marimo
  • Keigo tries to stab Marimo with his sword
  • Marimo fastly blocks using just 1 sword and pushes Keigo back

Keigo:*shocked*[The strenght he has in just 1 arm is stronger than my entire body....just what the hell he did to become a monster like this?]

  • Keigo jumps back a huge distance
  • Keigo puts his hand on his face

Keigo:*dead serious face*[I think I should use least not now.I have to understand where this speed and power comes from.]

  • Keigo releases a lot of water slashes
  • Marimo easly dodges some of them and easly cuts the others

Keigo:[Wait a second....this speed and power.He had something similar before.NOW I REMEMBER!!The power of gorilla and the speed of leopard.But still he needed time to do them and also I was able to see a soul of animal when he was doing it.Now I just see him moving...]*shocked*[Could it be that he transformed the power of the 2 into natural power?]

Marimo:*dead serious face*Will you come to fight me there or you want to come at you?

Keigo:*laughs*You damn bastard!!

Marimo:*dead serious face*??

Keigo:*grins*You truly became stronger.You transformed the power of the gorilla and leopard into natural power didnt you?

Marimo:*surprised*[He....already discovered.]

Keigo:*grins*I think you used them a lot and a became such a master with them that you became one with the 2.I have to recognize that is really interesting,but......

  • The Keigo that was standing in front of Marimo transforms into water
  • The real Keigo appears behind Marimo


  • Keigo tries to cut Marimo
  • Marimo fastly blocks with 1 sword
  • Keigo's sword transforms into water
  • Keigo reforms his sword and stabs Marimo in the stomach
  • Marimo jumps back a bit and prepares to attack
  • Keigo fastly stabs his sword in the ground

Keigo:Mizu Mizu:Geyser!!

  • Keigo creates a lot of water spears coming from the ground
  • Marimo hardly dodges them
  • Marimo suddenly dissapears and appears in front of Keigo

Keigo:*grins*Mizu Mizu:Ground Waterfall!!

  • Keigo creates a huge spear of water that hits Marimo directly
  • Marimo gets catched in the middle of the spear of water
  • Marimo fastly cuts the spear in half then runs at a big distance from Keigo

Keigo:*grins* dont like water?

  • Marimo was barely staying on his feet from the water,him being a Devil Fruit user

Marimo:*dead serious face**pant*Shut up*pant*.

Keigo:As I told you.I am also a hell lot stronger than before.

  • Keigo shows Marimo his New Era ring,with the head of a panther on it

Keigo:This is my New Era ring.This is a sign of the power we got in the last 1 year.*grins*I am one of the 2 New Era pirates that didnt accept Vegapunk to make them a weapon.

Marimo:*dead serious face*Why you wont want a powerfull weapon from him?

Keigo:*grins*I have enough power.You know,Marimo,we were borned with huge power.That is something from our family.

  • Marimo fastly releases an air blade at Keigo
  • Keigo dodges in the last second

Marimo:*dead serious face*I dont consider you my brother,neither Shishio my father.

Keigo:*grins*Hmpj....Mizu Mizu:Excalibur's Blade!!

  • Keigo releases a huge water slash
  • Marimo quickly makes a friction between his swords and a rock that was near him
  • Marimo releases an air blade that hits directly Keigo's water slash

Keigo:*grins*That water slash is a strong one.Your air blade wont even touch it.

  • Marimo's air blade cuts it in half and becomes a lot bigger
  • The air blade advances towards Keigo

Keigo:*shocked*[What the hell?]

  • Keigo dodges the air blade

Keigo:*dead serious face*What the hell was that?

  • Keigo sees Marimo standing in front of him with all of his swords covered in lightnings

Keigo:*surprised* lost your White can you still do lightnings.

Marimo:Let me tell you a think.The White Thunder can create lightings and control them.But you saw that you can also redirect the lightings to the sword right?

Keigo:*serious face*Yeah....

Marimo:*dead serious face*That would normally destroy the sword.


Marimo:Thats why the White Thunder has some special stones on it.This stones are immune to lightnings and can even absord lightnings and even create if it makes a friction with a normal rock.My swords,right now,are covered with that stone.I changed my swords a bit in this 1 year.

Keigo:*serious face*[He...recovered a part of his White Thunder powers so easly...]

Marimo:The only problem is that the stones are charged for only 5 minutes.

Keigo:*grins*So I have to resist 5 minutes against that?*laughs*No problem.

  • Marimo fastly a lightning slash
  • Keigo tries to counter it by releasing a water slash
  • Marimo's lighting slash easly destroys Keigo's slash and Marimo's slash becomes bigger
  • Keigo hardly dodges the lightning slash

Keigo:*serious face*[Tch....I forgot that water makes the lightning more powerfull.]

  • Marimo suddenly dissapears and reappears behind Keigo
  • Keigo creates a wall of water to protect himself
  • Marimo cuts the water wall and the lightnings on his sword become bigger
  • Marimo cuts Keigo on his back
  • Keigo jumps back

Keigo:[SHIT!! I cant even defend against this.There must a way to counter]

  • Keigo fastly stabs his sword in the ground and releases a lot of ground water slashes
  • Marimo dashes at Keigo dodging every ground water slash

Keigo:[He talked 1 minute about his lightnings,1 minute passed since he fought with it....3 minutes remaining.I have to buy some time.]

  • Keigo dashes at Marimo
  • Keigo clashes with Marimo
  • Keigo starts cutting in all direction,without using any water
  • Marimo blocks every attack of Keigo and cuts him some times
  • Keigo surounds himself in a tower of water
  • Marimo fastly releases some air blades that cut the tower in pieces
  • Keigo appears above Marimo

Marimo:[It was just a diversion.]

  • Keigo tries to land with his sword on Marimo,but Marimo dodges and cuts Keigo on his stomach
  • Keigo fastly releases a water slash at Marimo
  • Marimo releases a lightning slash that cuts Keigo's slash in half and makes his bigger
  • Keigo easly dodges it

Keigo:[2 minutes remaining.....]

  • Marimo stops and start releasing a lot of lightning slashes
  • Keigo dodges some of them,but gets cut by the rest

Keigo:[SHIT!! I already took this much damage so early in the fight.]

  • Keigo jumps high in the air

Keigo:Mizu Mizu:Water Bullet!!

  • Keigo starts shooting a lot of water bullets towards Marimo
  • Marimo starts dodging them

Keigo:*grins*[Cutting all the bullets would be impossible so he prefers to dodge them.]

  • Keigo lands on the ground and dashes after Marimo
  • Keigo clashes with Marimo

Keigo:[Only 1 minute remaining.]

  • The lightnings on Marimo's sword become weakier
  • Keigo keeps jumping back while Marimo follows him
  • The lightnings on Marimo's swords dissapear

Keigo:*grins*[Finally....]Mizu Mizu:Excalibur!!

  • Keigo releases a huge spear of water that destroys anything it stabs
  • Marimo fastly makes a friction between his swords and a rock
  • Marimo gets hit directly
  • Marimo emerges from Keigo's technique with small injuries and his swords covered in fire

Keigo:*surprised* fire?

Marimo:*dead serious face*Yeah....the lightning stones need 10 minutes to recharge.The fire stones that were also on Demon's Cursed Sword take.....10 minutes to recharge.

Keigo:*laughs*You came here totally prepared didnt you?Water is weak against lightning and so it is against fire.I your training you tried to get back some of the powers of your Hell's forms back.*dead serious face*I wont play around with you anymore.You are a dangerous enemy,dont worry I know that.

  • Keigo starts gathering a huge amount of water

Keigo:*dead serious face*I will kill you this time for sure.Mizu Mizu:Water Burst!!

  • Keigo releases a huge water burst from his sword
  • Keigo dissapears and reappears in front of Marimo

Marimo:*surprised*[He used the water to launch himself at huge speed.]

  • Keigo tries to cut Marimo in half
  • Marimo jumps back in the last second and only gets cut on his stomach
  • Keigo fastly stabs his sword in the ground

Keigo:Mizu Mizu:Ground Death!!

  • Keigo releases a lot of ground water slashes,all aiming in the same spot,where Marimo was
  • Marimo tries to dodge the ground water slashes but gets hit
  • Marimo jumps back with little injuries
  • Keigo starts gathering a lot of water around him
  • Keigo transforms his sword into water

Keigo:*dead serious face*Prepare for my finishing move.Mizu Mizu:......

  • The earth starts to shake

Marimo:*dead serious face*[What kind of technique is he about to use?]

Keigo:...Continent Destroyer Water!!

  • Keigo releases a huge water slash,30% the size of the island where they were won


Marimo:Fire Demon's Wheel!!

  • Marimo starts spinning towards the huge water slash

Keigo:*serious face*Are you an idiot?*grins*YOU WILL DIE!!

  • Marimo hits directly the slash

Keigo:*dead serious face*[I cant believe he actually did it.]

  • The slash advances throught the island,destroying everything in it's way
  • The slash interupts the other fights,since they had to dodge it
  • The slash is suddenly broken in 2 from the middle of it


  • Keigo sees Marimo standing in the air between the 2 huge pieces of water

Marimo:Demon's Gorilla Tornado!!(Marimo uses the strenght of gorilla to make his normal tornadoes 10 times stronger)

  • Marimo lands on the ground and slowly walks towards Keigo

Marimo:*dead serious face*That was your dangerous technique?

Keigo:*serious face*Tch....

  • Marimo dashes at Keigo
  • Keigo releases a water slash that hits Marimo directly
  • Keigo suddenly gets scratched on his cheek by an air blade

Keigo:*surprised*[I couldnt even see it....this has to be his marking technique....I have to be careful one of his next attacks will be like a guided missle.]

  • Marimo continues to advance towards Keigo
  • Marimo jumps in the air and tries to land with his sword all pointed at a single spot
  • Keigo blocks him using his sword

Marimo:Fire Demon's Dragon Breath!!

  • Marimo releases a huge wave of fire from his swords
  • Keigo transforms his sword into water to protect himself
  • Marimo jumps back
  • The fire on his swords extinguished
  • Marimo throws 1 of his swords at Keigo
  • Keigo hits it with his sword,chaging its course
  • Keigo sees another sword coming,that stabs him in his shoulder

Keigo:*surprised*[He threw both swords at the same time,but the 2nd one was hidden behind the 1st one.]

  • Marimo appears in front of Keigo
  • Keigo fastly swings his sword cutting Marimo in half

Keigo:*surprised*[ him?]

  • That Marimo dissapears
  • Marimo appears near Keigo
  • He starts running very fast around Keigo,creating after images of himself


  • Keigo releases a water slash around him
  • The slash hits all the after images and they dissapear

Keigo:*pissed off*NOW WHERE THE HELL IS THE REAL ONE?!?!

  • Marimo suddenly appears behind Keigo and stabs him on his back

Keigo:*serious face*Shit....

  • Keigo transforms transforms his sword into a spear and tries to hit Marimo,but Marimo jumps back in time
  • Keigo takes out the 2 swords with which Marimo stabbed him and throws them on the ground
  • Marimo fastly picks them

Keigo:*dead serious face*I am sick of this already.....Your style is still pissing me off.

  • Keigo stabs his sword in the ground

Keigo:*dead serious face*You remember the promise with the little skull on my sword?It was made to our father.I couldnt keep it since I didnt kill you.I'm glad I still have a chance to do it.

  • Keigo releases a lot of water in the ground
  • Keigo creates an earthquake with the amount of water he releases underground

Keigo:*dead serious face*Time to crush you.Mizu Mizu:........

  • Water starts coming from the ground,from every hole that is on the ground


  • Keigo releases a huge tower from the ground,50% the size of the island
  • Marimo gets caught in the middle of the tower

Keigo:*dead serious face*You have a lot of ways to die inside can can die because you are Devil Fruit user can die from the huge pressure that is inside.

  • Suddenly,the tower gets cut in half


  • Marimo lands on the ground from the middle of it,full of blood
  • Marimo sheats his swords,that were covered in lightnings

Marimo:Lightning Demon's Fast Slash!!

Keigo:*shocked*[10 minutes passed....I totally forgot about it.]*serious face*Are you gonna use lightnings again?

Marimo:*dead serious face*No...


Marimo:*dead serious face*If we continue like this you will be the winner of the fight.The technique you used earlier was about to kill me.The pressure was close to rip my body in pieces.

Keigo:*dead serious face*I see...then what are you going to do?

  • Marimo releases a huge burst of Hades's black flames

Keigo:*dead serious face*[He still has his black flames....]

  • Marimo unsheats his swords
  • Marimo concentrates a huge amount of black flames in his swords

Keigo:*dead serious face*[I know what that means.....]

  • Keigo fastly stabs his sword in the ground





  • Keigo creates a huge gate of water in front of him


  • Marimo releases a huge black slash,in the form of a dragon
  • Marimo's slash easly cuts Keigo's gate in half
  • Keigo fastly jumps high in the air

Keigo:[I know the power of his technique,it's really fast so I had to make the gate to buy me a second so I can dodge it...]

  • The slash comes towards Keigo

Keigo:*surprised*[What the hell?]Mizu Mizu:Water Burst!!

  • Keigo releases a powerfull water burst from his sword that launches him on the ground
  • The slash continues to follow him
  • Keigo starts running

Keigo:[WHAT THE HELL?!?!HE CAN MAKE IT EVEN FOLLOW HIS ENEMIES NOW?!?!BUT THAT IS IMPOSS......]*shocked*[Earlier.....I got cut by his marking technique.His dragon slash is following me because of that....How.....How the hell to stop it?]

  • The slash approaches more and more to Keigo who was still running

Keigo:*grins*Mizu Mizu:Water Burst!!

  • Keigo releases another water burst and launches him in front of Marimo who was on his knees

Keigo:[It seems that this technique really exauths him....and with the injuries he already has.]

  • Keigo tries to cut Marimo,but he blocks using 2 swords


  • That Keigo transforms into water and the real one appears behind Marimo with his sword sheated

Keigo:*grins*You lost...


  • The dragon slash which was following Keigo hits Marimo directly
  • Keigo creates a wall of water to protect himself from the burst of the slash when it hits
  • Keigo jumps back

Keigo:*grins*Are you still alive?

  • Marimo emerges from the smoke created by his technique with no injuries,but covered in black flames

Keigo:*shocked*What the....

Marimo:*dead serious face*Yomazu was right.....I truly became Marimo,The Black Dragon.....

Keigo:*shocked*What....did you say?

Marimo:*dead serious face*I absorbed the dragon.



  • Marimo was on the ground with a huge cut on his body
  • Yomazu picked him and took care of him
  • Marimo wakes up after some time,full of bandages

Marimo:*dead serious face*I still wasnt able to do it....

Yomazu:Yeah...but this time you were really close.

Marimo:Absorbing the Kokuryuha is harder than I though.

Yomazu:Yeah...and this is the last time you will try.


Yomazu:You are getting stronger and stronger.This time you were lucky that you survived.If you become stronger next time you wont survive to it.

Marimo:*dissapointed face*Then...I failed?

Yomazu:No....This time you were really close,but you have to do this in the middle of a fight.

Marimo:*surprised*In the middle of a fight?

Yomazu:The emotions from the middle of a fight are different than the ones from a training.

Marimo:*serious face*I understand....

Yomazu:Now take a break for like 2 or 3 days then we are back to training.

Marimo:Understood.But can I go to the town and buy newspapers or ask people about the Espada pirates?

Yomazu:You tried 2 weeks ago as well.You remember that nobody heared anything about them since they lost to the New Era pirates.

Marimo:*sad face*Yomazu.....You think they are dead?

Yomazu:I'm sure they are not.They think you are dead.This sure brought them together more than ever.They are like an impenentrable shell now.If you are going in the town can you please visit Shaco as well?Since Kabuto helps you with the training,he doesnt know much about Shaco.

Marimo:Do I really have to visit him?

Yomazu:Yes you do.I know that you still hate him but you have to accept him.


Marimo:*smiles*I never though such a calm person like Yomazu can be such a harsh teacher.He kicked my ass a lot of times while we were training for every small mistake I did.

Keigo:I dont care about that....what gives you the absorbing of the dragon?

Marimo:*smiles*You really want to see dont you?

Keigo:*dead serious face*[His attitude....CHANGED!First he acted really serious and was really calculated with every move.Now he seems so happy.....He is sure he is gonna win now....]

  • Keigo dashes at Marimo
  • Marimo suddenly dissapears and reappears in front of Keigo
  • On the ground can be seen a trail of black fire from where Marimo was

Keigo:*surprised*[He was even faster than before.]

  • Marimo tries to cut Keigo
  • Keigo blocks using his sword
  • The black fire around Marimo's swords release a powerfull burst that sends Keigo flying into a rock
  • Keigo gets up with some effort

Keigo:[What the hell was that?His flames were like....punching me!]

  • Marimo dashes at Keigo
  • Marimo starts spinning

Marimo:Demon's Black Dragon Wheel!!

  • Keigo releases a huge water slash
  • Marimo easly gets throught it

Marimo:Demon's Black Dragon Consecutive Slashes!!

  • Marimo creates the Kokuryuha using the black flames from his swords

Keigo:Mizu Mizu:Wall!!

  • Keigo creates a big wall in front of him
  • Marimo appears behind him
  • The wall is cut on pieces and Keigo gets cut a lot of times

Marimo:*calm voice*It's lost.

Keigo:NOT YET!!

  • Keigo fastly turns around and tries to cut Marimo
  • Marimo blocks with 1 sword and tries to cut Keigo with another
  • Keigo dodges it but still gets cut on his shoulder

Keigo:*shocked*What the....

Marimo:The black flames emit a wave of pressure that acts as a blade.It's like an extension of the blade.

  • Keigo jumps back

Marimo:I have a lot more power than you.It's over.

Keigo:*maniac laugh*....

Marimo:*serious face*Why are you laughing?


Marimo:*dead serious face*What do you mean?

Keigo:*grins*In my whole life I trained 6 months....I trained with my father for 6 months while you were training with Yomazu and Kabuto.

Marimo:What do you want to say by that?

Keigo:*grins*You idiot.....we dont need to train to become stronger.WE WERE BORNED INSANLY STRONG!!


Keigo:I will show you......our Family Mark.


  • An X black mark appears on Keigo's face and also on Marimo's face for a brief moment
  • Marimo puts his hand on his face

Marimo:*shocked*What was that?

Keigo:*grins*The Family Mark.The Family Mark is actually the power of a Devil Fruit.The members of our family were all borned with this.The Devil Fruit is one of the strongest in the world.Dont worry,we dont posses 2 Devil Fruits,we have just 1,the Family Mark just gives us the power of 1.Our father really knows how to play with the Devil Fruits,he can puts them in swords and in his children.

Marimo:*dead serious face*What kind of power it gives you?

Keigo:*grins*Let me show you.

  • The Mark starts surounding Keigo with black bandages
  • The black bandages burst into flames
  • The flames create a huge explosion
  • Keigo emerges from the explosion,with a different look
  • All of Keigo's injuries are healed

Keigo's normal appereance:

Keigo's Family Mark appereance: (The Family Mark can be seen on his face)

  • Keigo suddenly dissapears and reappears in front of Marimo
  • Keigo tries to cut Marimo,but he blocks him

Keigo:*grins*Mizu Mizu:One Drop!!

  • One drop of water falls from Keigo's sword and creates a huge burst
  • Marimo jumps back after taking huge damage
  • Keigo dashes after Marimo
  • Marimo releases a huge amount of black flames
  • Keigo clashes with Marimo again and Marimo tries to push him back but is unable to

Keigo:Mizu Mizu:One Million Drops!!

  • A lot of drops of water fall from Keigo's sword and destroys the entire area where they were fighting
  • Marimo emerges from Keigo's technique full of blood
  • Marimo is barely stayind on his feet and conscious

Keigo:*grins*You had a little taste of the true power of our family?

  • Marimo's black flames become even more powerfull
  • Marimo transforms his swords into black flames and unites them
  • Marimo creates a black sword

Marimo:*dead serious face*Black Dragon's Slayer Sword.

Keigo:*grins*I created a single powerfull sword as well since you got used to your Demon's Cursed Sword.

  • Keigo dashes at Marimo


  • Marimo clashes with Keigo
  • Marimo repels Keigo's attack and tries to cut him,but Keigo creates a wall of water in front of him
  • Marimo tries to cut it but is unable to do it
  • Marimo jumps back

Keigo:*grins*My Family Mark doubles everything,speed,power,everything.I wonder what yours do.I'm dissapointed that we wont find out.I will finish you with my strongest technique.

  • Keigo gathers a huge amount of water around his sword
  • Keigo points his sword at Marimo


  • Keigo releases a big water blade
  • The blade cuts everything in its way
  • The blade cuts the island in half and continues to cut in the water
  • The blade approaches to a ship

Pirate 1:What is that?

Pirate 2:Is that a water blade?

  • The water blade cuts their ship in half

Pirate 1:*shocked*Impossible....

Pirate 2:*shocked*WHAT KIND OF MONSTER DID THIS?!?!

  • The scene changes back to the fight

Keigo:*serious face*[I wonder if he is dead...]Mizu Mizu:Last Blade's Road!!

  • Keigo gets inside his blade and the water transports him to everywhere the blade is
  • Keigo sees Marimo still standing on his feet
  • Keigo fastly attacks Marimo,trying to stab him in the chest
  • Marimo catches Keigo's sword and stops it like it was nothing,while looking in another direction with a bored face

Keigo:*shocked*What...the hell?

  • Marimo has the Family Mark on his face
  • Marimo's injuries were also healed

Marimo's Family Mark form:,r:11,s:15&tx=70&ty=46 (He also has the X shape Mark on his face)

Marimo:*bored face*We got the same Family boring.

  • Marimo breaks Keigo's sword like it was nothing
  • Keigo freezes in shock

Keigo:*shcoked*What...JUST WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!

Marimo:*calm voice*Your nightmare.

  • Keigo releases a huge water slash at Marimo
  • Marimo tries to block it with his sword,but he realises that his sword would break from it so he blocks it using his right arm
  • The coat on his right arm gets destroyed and his arm is full of blood


Marimo:*calm voice*I think it's like Yomazu said.I become stronger in a single fight than I become in an entire year of training.

Keigo:*pissed off*I am already sick of this.I will end this once and for all.

  • Marimo jumps on a huge rock
  • Marimo's sword transforms into pure black flame
  • The black flame gets around Marimo's damaged arm and forms the tatoo of a black dragon

Marimo's tatoo:

Marimo:*calm voice*I approve.

  • A lot of black lightnings start falling from the sky
  • All the lightnings hits Marimo's right arm and make the black flames bigger and bigger
  • Keigo points his sword at Marimo

Keigo:*pissed off*YOU WONT SURVIVE THIS TIME!!

  • Marimo points his arm at Keigo


  • Keigo releases his big water blade again

Marimo:*calm voice*Jao Ensatsu Kokuryuha!

  • The tatoo gets out of Marimo's arm and creates the black dragon
  • The black dragon clashes directly with Keigo's Last Blade


  • Keigo's attack passes the dragon like it was nothing
  • The dragon continues to advance towards Keigo

Keigo:*shocked*[What the hell?]

  • The dragon bites from Keigo,but with no sign of injury
  • Keigo sees 8 black flames spears stabbed in his body

Keigo:*shocked*[What are these?I didnt even felt them.]

  • The dragon dissapears
  • The black flame spears transform into Marimo's swords,with black flames on top of them as extension to the blades
  • Keigo falls on his knees and spits a lot of blood

  • Marimo's Family Mark form worns off and he comes to his normal form again and also his injuries get back
  • He takes his swords from Keigo's back,sheats them and hardly walks away

Keigo:[He....doesnt want to kill me?]*grins*HEY MARIMO!!

  • Marimo turns around to him

Marimo:*serious face*What?


  • Marimo fastly unsheats 1 of his swords and stabs Keigo in his chest


Marimo:*dead serious face*If you havent said anything about him.....I may had left you alive.

  • Keigo grabs Marimo by his neck

Keigo:*mad grin*You dont understand do you?I will see your death,brother.I WILL SEE IT!! IT DOESNT MATTER IF I WILL SEE IT FROM THE EARTH OR FROM HELL!!DEAD OR ALIVE I WILL SEE OUR DAD KILLING YOU!!

  • Marimo takes out his sword from Keigo's chest
  • Keigo falls on the ground and dies
  • Marimo turns around and starts walking away

Marimo:*pant*Damn...*pant*This Family Mark puts a lot of damage to my body*pant*.

  • Marimo falls on the ground and goes unconscious

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