• One day passed since Marimo fought The Hunter
  • Magnus wakes up early in the morning and walks out of his room to get some fresh air
  • Then, he hears someone from the crew talking in the kitchen, so he goes to check who it is
  • He notices Ray that was crying since he's hungry

Magnus: Morning! What are you doing here?

Ray:*comicaly crying*I'M HUNGRY!! But Milky is not here to prepare something for me!

Magnus:*surprised*What do you mean Milky is not here?

Ray: He's usually the first to wake up, to prepare something for us. I even with in his room, but he wasn't there either.

Magnus:*serious face*[Did he seriously leave?]

  • Magnus walks around the ship, searching for Milky, but no luck
  • He then decides to check Marimo's condition, however, he notices Marimo is not in his room

Magnus:*surprised*Where he could go as well?

  • Magnus turns around as he hears someone walking and he notices Serena who was carrying a plate with some food and tea

Magnus: Where are you going with that?

Serena:*slightly annoyed face*That idiot is going to die if he doesn't eat.

Magnus: Eh? Who are you talking about?

Serena: Marimo. He trained during the entire night.

Magnus:*surprised*WHAT?? THAT IDIOT!!

  • Magnus starts running towards Marimo's training room

Magnus:*serious face*[However, this means he might know what happened with Milky.]

  • Magnus enters Marimo's training room, only to see Marimo full of bloody bandages, training like crazy

Magnus:*slightly angry*What the hell are you doing? Couldn't you wait for your wounds to be healed first?

Marimo:*serious face*I have no time to waste.

  • Serena comes in the room and puts the place somewhere near Marimo

Marimo: Thank you.

Serena:*annoyed face*Yeah, sure, no problem.

  • Serena leaves and Marimo sighs after her reaction

Magnus:*serious face*Hey, do you know that Milky disappeared?

Marimo: Huh? Where could that shitty cook go?

  • Magnus looks straight in Marimo's eyes

Magnus:*dead serious face*You tell me.

Marimo: What am I supposed to tell you? I have no idea where he could be.

  • Magnus comes closer to Marimo

Magnus:*serious and nervous look*Marimo...he knows everything that we know! About Shir...about Kano...who knows what he could possibly try to do?

  • Marimo casually continues his training

Magnus:*pissed off*DON'T IGNORE ME DAMMIT!!

Marimo:*dead serious face*I have no idea where he is, however, I think he got bored to stay in our shadows.

Magnus:*surprised*What are you talking about?

Marimo: You didn't notice? He's strong...however, all he could ever do was watch the two of us fight, just like the rest.

Magnus:*sad face*Well yeah, but...

Marimo: The rest may be ok with this, since they are aware of the fact they couldn't win. However, Milky stands a chance against everyone we fought, which is what pisses him off.

Magnus:*dead serious face* you have any idea where he could be?

Marimo:*piercing look*Shir.

  • Magnus walks out and leaves Marimo with his training, then he starts thinking alone

Magnus:*serious face*[If that is really true...Milky can't go after Shir directly, he's not that much of an idiot.]

  • After around an hour, when everybody wakes up, Magnus calls all of them together

Hermes:*sleepy*Dude, whats with a meeting this early in the morning?

Magnus:*dead serious face*Milky left the crew.

Sher:*shocked*What did you say?

Hermes:*surprised*WHAT?? WHY WOULD HE DO THAT??

Magnus: I'm not sure yet, however, we're gonna try to find him!

Espadas: RIGHT!!

  • One week passes, but no luck for the Espada Pirates to get any sign about Milky
  • Marimo's wounds healed almost completely, of course, with the help of his Devil Fruit
  • While searching for Milky, they come across a set of many islands
  • Suddenly, Marimo feels something strange from one of the islands
  • He calmly picks his 8 short swords and his main sword, the Newly-Born Green Demon
  • Magnus notices Marimo and he stands in front of him

Magnus:*dead serious face*Its him?

Marimo:*demonic look*It seems so.

Magnus:*grins*Don't make me come and kick his ass. You better win this time.

Marimo:*determined look*No worries about that. I'm gonna win this time.

  • Magnus walks away from Marimo, who gets out of the ship and using his Devil Fruit, jumps far on the island

Ray: Is he really gonna be ok now?

Magnus:*dead serious face*I can't say that I'm sure about it. However, Marimo never lost twice against the same opponent, right? He's gonna come up with something?

Ray:*serious face*Yeah, except for Kabuto.

Magnus: Do you want to something with that?

Ray: Lets hope it won't be the case now...since this guy might not leave Marimo alive like Kabuto did.

  • Marimo advances on the island, feeling a demonic aura that he's getting closer and closer to
  • After a few more steps, the demonic aura disappears

Marimo:*serious face*[What the...]

  • Marimo suddenly hears a voice not very far from him and he notices some smoke
  • He quickly runs there, only to see a tall and muscular man eating a huge piece of meat
  • The bones of the animal he killed can be seen near him, and the animal seemed to be huge

Marimo:*dead serious face*Who are you?

  • The man turns around towards Marimo

Ryota:*while eating*My name is Ryota, and I stopped on this island since I wanted to eat something!

Marimo:*sighs*I see, well then, enjoy your meal I guess.

Ryota: Thanks! By the way, you look somehow familiar to me, can you tell me your name?

Marimo:*dead serious face*Sasagawa Kenshin.

Ryota: Oh, I see! Now I know why you seemed familiar to me.

  • Ryota calmly continues eating, when all of a sudden, he spits all the meat from his mouth

Ryota:*shocked face fault*YOU'RE THE GUY I'M SUPPOSED TO CAPTURE!!

  • Marimos turns once again towards Ryota

Marimo: Eh?

  • Ryota gets up and his attitude completely changes

Ryota:*evil smile*It seems I don't have to keep looking for you, since in the end, you came to me yourself.

Marimo: Why would you want to capture me? Are you working for Shir as well?

Ryota: No, I'm one of the Six Star Gods!! And our leader gave me a week to capture you, I think a little late, but whatever, I found you!!

Marimo:*sweatdrops*Rather, I found you.

Ryota:*pissed off face fault*SHUT UP!!

  • Marimo takes out some of his swords

Marimo:*demonic grin*If a fight is what you're looking for, then I'm ready.

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