Name:Sasagawa Kenshin

Nickname:Marimo(crew),Demon Swordsman(

Crew:Espada pirates



Devil fruit:Chika Chika no mi.This devil fruit allows me to produce energy and transfer it to every part of my body.

It increases speed if put in legs strenght in arms and cutting power in my swords.

I'm using 8 swords.

Other abilities:Kenbunshoku Haki,Busoshoku Haki

Bounty:420 million beri

History:I dreamed from when i was a child to become one of the greates swordsman in the world.I began to train at a dojo with a lot of talented peoples.I became the best and defeated even the master at the age of 8 so i went to another places and fight with everyone in my way until age 17.At this age i ate the devil fruit Chika Chika no mi and entered a pirate crew named Oni pirates.I made a lot of friends and we stayed together 2 years.In a stormy night someone came to our ship and provoked us to fight him.We accepted and began fighting but all of us got beaten up and killed.I was the only survivor.Before that man went off our ship he said IM THE WORLD GREATES SWORSMAN SURPRASS ME SASAGAWA KENSHIN! and i swore one day ill become the best and avenge my crew.After i recovered a little from the damage i took i went enraged after the World Goverment elders cause i found that the man who killed my crew was a Shichibukai someone who works for World Goverment.I was intercepted by high rank marines who tried to stop me.I killed a lot of them almost getting killed myself in the process.The Admirals came as well and defeated me and tried to kill me but in the last second i was saved by Magnus a man who later became my captain in the Espada pirates.After this i got my first bounty 420 million beri.

Attack list:

-Heart Strike

-Death Wheel

-Lion's Roar

-Double Slash

-Monster's Song

-Sky Tower

-Demon's scream(one of the strongest)

-Demon's song(one of the strongest)

-Stag like a bee(ultimate technique)

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