• The ship of the Frozen Pirates can be seen near a small winter island
  • Far on the island, Shir, the captain of the Frozen Pirates and the strongest actual Yonko is seen sitting on an ice throne, while his crewmembers, Ryo, Nunu and Udyr are standing beside him
  • In front of Shir lies Rinsho on the ground, defeated, the user of the Hades Hades no Mi

Rinsho: you want...from me?

  • Shir remains silent while Ryo, the vice-captain of the Frozen Pirates comes in front of him

Ryo: You're the user of the Hades Hades no Mi, which basically makes you the king of souls. You can bring back any lost soul.

Rinsho: However...its useless to bring back someone's soul if I don't have their body.

  • Shir gets up from his throne and picks up a bandaged corpse Nunu was carrying
  • He places it in front of Rinsho and reveals it
  • The body is that of Sasagawa Shishio

Rinsho:*shocked*This is...the guy who defeated the previous user of my want bring him back?

Shir:*dead serious face*Yes.


  • Shir seemingly gets annoyed with Rinsho's questions

Ryo:*serious face*You should just do as he says.

Rinsho: Alright...

  • Rinsho gathers some black flames around his body
  • He places his right hand on Shishio's body
  • The black flames start covering Shishio's body, and all of a suddenly, a black lightning coming out of nowhere strikes the body
  • A powerful explosion is created that pushes everyone back except Shir

Rinsho: Here you...go...

  • Rinsho falls unconscious and the black flames disappear
  • After the smoke from the explosion clears, Sasagawa Shishio is seen sitting down, with 3 swords on his back, his usualy, big swords and a normal katana

Shishio:*maniac look*I've been brought back once again...can't I rest in peace already?

Shir:*dead serious face*Not yet.

  • Shishio gets up and starts approaching Shir

Shishio:*maniac look*Are you the one who did this?

Shir: Not really, but it was my intention to bring you back.

Shishio:*maniac smile*Fufufufu...can I ask whats the reason for this?

  • Without answering Shishio's last question, Shir swings his frozen arm in front of him a few times, creating a line of thick, cold air
  • Shir suddenly punches the line of cold air, sending it towards Shishio at huge speed

Shir:*dead serious face*Ma Tō Tō Ryū Ken!!(Demon Fighting Frozen Spirit Fist)

  • Shishio, without bothering a little bit to dodge the attack, gets hit directly and frozen instantly

Ryo:*surprised*[He really did it! Since that guy understimate our captain...the fight is already over!!]

Shir:*dead serious face*Shatter!!

  • The ice shatters into pieces, however, only the ice, without any part of Shishio's body as well

Ryo:*shocked*How...did he...

  • Shir, despite the fact he seems to be rather shocked that his technique failed for the first time ever, tries to remain calm

Shishio:*maniac laugh*You really thought your pathetic ice could have any effect on me?

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